Child Development Specialist As Natural Development Essay

Child Development Specialist As Natural Development Essay

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This is a case about five years and four months old girl named, Tamara who has been observed for telling many lies. In stage one; pre-conventional level of Tamara, teacher’s assessment is based on the incomplete observation on the child. Here, the teacher did not try to determine the cause of the problem with guidance approach for changing her behaviour.
A lie is any deliberate deviation from the truth, and falsehood communication with intention to mislead or deceive. Lying is considered by most child development specialist as natural development occurred in childhood. But, parental honesty is recognized as a primary influence on the development of truth ness in children.
According to Kohlberg, children progress gradually through several stages of moral development. In this case study, Tamara who is in stage one, was scared of consequences to her actions, so she often says lie to cover up. Consequently, Tamara thinks that she should do what teacher say, to avoid being punished. “For most children, moral reasoning is controlled by solely by obedience to authority with rewards or punishments” ( Kail & Zolner, 2012, p.446 ). As Tamara see rules are fixed and absolute, her actions are based on reasoning of punishment. A child, Tamara with pre-conventional morality has not yet adapted or internalized society 's conventions, regarding what is right and wrong, focuses largely on external consequences. Here, child 's sense of morality is controlled externally by its consequences.
In this case, it is observed that, the child Tamara must have an understanding of truth before, if not it may leads her to say lies. So she needs lot of self-control, to think what is right or wrong. Even, she makes up a...

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...bout lying. I will teach children the value of telling the truth than to punish them. If a child draws a attention of other children, by deliberately telling lies, I will let her know that lying is not acceptable, instead I will encourage and support child in telling truth. As an EA I will explain to the child the consequence of lying, it can help her get out of the habit. I will find out the root cause of the behaviour behind the lie. As an EA I will give practice to the child in real vs pretend imaginary play as if I will tell her to imagine superhero or a wizard to make her fell powerful. I will not label the child, because this may negatively affect her self-esteem, or lead to even more lying. As an EA, I will have confidence in child to bring in positive moral behaviour. Consistently referring and modelling them in teaching moral skill will be always my motive.

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