Essay on Child Development Observation Report

Essay on Child Development Observation Report

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Compare and contrast a child from younger age group with a child from an older age group.

For the younger age group, I observed a 6-month-old, boy infant, called Manden, in my friend’s home.

1. Adult/Teacher Interaction: In an adult interaction, the child I observed were more engaged with the people around him by infant-directed speech. His mom and I were basically called his name by rhythm, and he responded to us by smiling and being excited. As I observe in terms of turn-taking, I realize Manden responded to the people around him after everyone is done talking to him. For example, he looked at the person who he believed is talking to him. After the person was done, he will smile or laugh. This matched the research by Jasnow and Feldstein, where they said mother and infants take turns with one another much more than speaking at the same time (Steinberg et al., 2011, pp. 142).

2. Physical Development: For Manden physical development, he did not start to crawl yet. However, he is actively rolling over his body while playing with his mother or sister. Other than that, whenever we put him in the baby’s chair, he needs the support, or else his head might fall down to the front. Based on the researches, Manden has not yet reached the norms of motor development, either gross motor or fine motor, for his age group (Steinberg et al., 2011, p. 109).
3. Language Development: In terms of language development, I did not hear any verbal communication from Manden along my observation. However, he can already recognize his own name and responded to it by smiling or wriggling. This is what I expected for a 6-month-old infant in their language development. Nevertheless, I did not hear Manden’s babbling like what is expected from infant...

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