The Child Development Center For Learning And Research Located At Wallace Hall

The Child Development Center For Learning And Research Located At Wallace Hall

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The Child Development Center for Learning and Research located at Wallace Hall aims to provide a quality preschool and education for young children (CDCLR, 2009). The program started in the 1940’s and since then, it has helped young children develop skills through specially curated activities fit for their age. The CDCLR contains three rooms; the blue room for toddlers ages fifteen to twenty-four months, orange rooms for kids ages twenty-eight months to three and a half years old, and the Maroon Room for older preschoolers ages three to five years old. When I came into the CDCLR, I already knew what rooms I was going to observe. The two children I observed are from the Blue Room and the Maroon Room because I thought it was interesting to compare the similarities and differences between toddlers and preschool aged kids.

The Blue Room was the first room I observed. I arrived at ten in the morning and the kids sat in a circle shaped table in the middle of the room, while eating cereal. The light was turned off, but it was still visible to see the kids. The room had a bathroom, a play-mat where the toddlers can sit, and toys to play with. The toddlers were well behaved and focused while sitting and eating cereal, except for one girl who kept standing up and sitting down. I decided to observe her because she stood out to me, while everyone was sitting down and eating quietly, she was very energetic and was actively trying to get the attention of her teacher by screaming. They weren’t fully developed The other kids didn 't seem to be disturbed by her.

Child A looked older than the other kids, maybe a couple months older. She was also able to walk around without falling down. She was wearing a pink shirt with a graphic design on it, ...

... middle of paper ...

...around her. There’s also similarities, they are both pretty independent (or other word __); Child A was putting away her own trash away and Child B was making her own crown.

I was very fortunate enough to be able to be given the opportunity to observe at the Child Development Center for Learning and Research. I was very eager to observe and my goal was to take ample notes to help me write my report. To obtain my goal, I was focused and paid close attention while observing kids in both the Blue Room and Maroon Room. I succesfully met my goal by writing my notes in detail. In my opinion, I think I did an adequate job observing, I was very focused while taking notes and watching the kids’ actions. Overall, I think the biggest thing I learned was application, I was finally able to take theories I have learned in the classroom and connect it to real world situations.

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