Essay Child Bullying And Its Dangers

Essay Child Bullying And Its Dangers

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Being a child isn’t always as innocent and stress-free as one would think. Children, from the time they start school, are plagued with emotional stress induced by bullying. More often than not, victims entertain the thought of or attempt suicide to escape from having to endure more anguish. It’s imperative that adults recognize bullying as being a real danger to the children that they care for and love. Child bullying and youth suicide is on the rise; however, providing children and parents with resources to identify such incidents will not only help curb this troubling trend but would teach victims how to cope.
As a unified body, tragic endings could be minimized by understanding and educating our youth on child bullying and its dangers. Cornell and Limber (2015) state that “bullying is such a broad and omnibus concept that there is potential for confusion and controversy over its meaning, severity, and relation with other constructs” (para. 5). Bullying is a form of repetitive aggression with harmful intent, demonstrated either physically, verbally, psychologically, or electronically (Mayo Clinic, 2013). To smaller children, a more simplistic definition of a bully is someone that calls them names and makes them feel embarrassed, hurts them in a physical way, or perhaps spreads rumors about them to other children. Rather than stopping as children grow older bullying transforms into a more controlling and superior type of aggression. However, a child may not only be the victim but they may also be the bully in an alternate scenario. A shift from victim to bully might happen because of the bullied child wanting to pass on the anger and hurt that they feel to another. Therefore, they target someone that they can treat the...

... middle of paper ... way responsible for how their child treats someone else or how the child reacts to how they 're being treated by another person. Furthermore, parents have to teach children that open communication means they 're always available for the child to talk to them about bothersome incidents. However, the parent also has rights to their social life, social interaction, and the monitoring of their social media which should be non-negotiable. Unfortunately, along with the ease and convenience of technology, it also opens the door for predators to gain unfiltered access to influential children. Child bullying is something that will never go away but holding one accountable for their actions could better control this. Teaching today’s youth how to cope, be more responsible and accountable, and how to effectively communicate is critical in preventing unfortunate tragedy.

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