Essay on Child Beauty Pageants : A Controversial Issue All Over The World

Essay on Child Beauty Pageants : A Controversial Issue All Over The World

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How do beauty pageant contestants do it? How are they so confident? “More than 2 million girls in the US compete in pageants alone” (Ford). Kids who take part in the pageants and are always on stage, have no trouble being in front of hundreds of people. Child beauty pageants have been a controversial issue all over the world. Kids compete to see who has the best smile, hair, makeup and outfits. They show off their talents and are judged upon what they do best. Many people are against child beauty pageants because they feel that the child’s development is being affected. A child’s development which include psychological and emotional changes a child has as they get older. There’s many thing that being in a child pageants can teach kids and help them. They do not affect a child’s development, it helps them. Child beauty pageants do no harm to kids, in fact they are going to help better themselves.
There has been controversial issues about child beauty pageants all over the world and how they do nothing but harm children mind and effect their development. In fact, that is not true. Today in our society, more and more parents are being judged because their children take part in beauty pageants. Children beauty pageants have been around for decades and have been beneficial to kids. While being a contestant, kids are showed social skills and endurance. The children win prizes and money which can be saved for college or future expenses that they child might have. Parents put their kids into this for innocent fun. They show off their talents and looks, which nothing is wrong with that. This helps the child build their character. It makes them confident about who they are. Better yet, they do not affect a child’s development in any way,...

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...them to build their endurance, confidence, and responsible and respectful. The children can build their endurance; for example when Doonan the author of High Glitz uses the example of his friend doing a little girls hair for 3 hours. It all comes together at the end when the kid reaches 16 and has to get a job. What if at her job she has to sit for hours. It helps the child build his or her confidence because they are on stage in front of hundreds of people who are just staring at and judging you. As they older they’ll become much more secure and positive about themselves. This helps avoid having social issues such as making friends, or being judged for who they are. The kids are going to be much more mature than the rest and positive of who they are. It’s beneficial because when they hit puberty it’ll be easy to accept the physical changes they are going through.

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