Child Bearing, And Life Careers Essay

Child Bearing, And Life Careers Essay

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The Early Adulthood is usually between the ages of 25 and 40 at this time individuals are naturally vivacious, alive and healthy, and are involved closely to old friendships, romance, child bearing, and life careers (Physical Development, 2014). In the event certain conditions seems to arouse in some individual, such as evolved into a violent situation, making bad relationship choice, and merely just developing a type of disorder such as bipolar, eating disorders. Normally at the early adult stage, in life young adults are setting their goals, and plans in order, how to achieve the best of what life has to offer them. The negative and positive choices are mainly left in their hands to choose what is beneficial to what kind of lifestyle they will lead.
In Early Adulthood stages, an individual is concerned with creating the capacity to get involved in intimacy with someone and find a committed partner to share their life with. Most individuals around this age period is looking for marriage and having children. At this stage the early adults are still trying to balance careers and personal goals as well. This is a time of making choices in finding soul mates and making marriage decisions, planning families are often made during this period. In today’s time divorce rates has soared to its highest levels among young people who has married, and parents who have also divorced. These children have also adopted the lifestyle of their parents, which they have practiced similar qualities, personalities, basically following in the footsteps of their parents.
Even in the process of early adulthood people are still continuously growing in an intellectual developmental ways. Young adults are learning to balance different views on the choi...

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...e activity levels decrease and the body gets weaker and more useless. The touch of the skin becomes dry and scaly, the skin is loose over the bones. The hair is lost in both genders thin and baldness happens. The five senses taste, touch, vision, hearing and smell start to diminish. The elderly sometimes are faced with poverty, not making ends meet and live in unsafe housing, and barely eats full course meals a day. Many are going without food and power in their homes to make ends meet from month to month. Their medication is not affordable and they are suffering without medicines just to pay their rent each month. Some on living on the streets due to the fact no income or lack of budgeting their income. This is the hardest and must enduring times in one’s life dealing with growing old, and not able to help yourself, if there is no one to look after you.

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