The Child And Adolescent Health Essay

The Child And Adolescent Health Essay

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There have been notifications made to the police about Joan’s disruptive children and it is evident that the children are not getting enough to eat, and are infrequently attending school. Most importantly, ensuring that the children are safe and that their best interests are met is a fundamental human right outlined in the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ of which Australia is a part of (Calma, 2008). A child and adolescent health nurse must ensure that the psychological, developmental, communication and cultural needs of children are being met (Paediatrics & Child Health Division, 2008, p. 8). In Australia, childhood immunisations are not compulsory but are highly recommended for all children to prevent the severity and incidence of disease. A number of family assistance payments from the government request that children are to meet the immunisation requirements to be able to enroll into childcare (DoH, 2016, p. 12).

To reduce truancy in the developmental years, the school counselor can prevent children from being exposed to risks by breaking the cycles that follow risk factors. Emphasising the importance of students self-esteem and self-appreciation, the school counselor can aid in shaping positive self-worth (Erkstrand, 2015, p. 463). Truancy is a serious health problem and school attendance is essential for good health. Well-educated students tend to make healthier lifestyle choices. Additionally, the student counselor has the opportunity to work towards promoting attendance and success at school among students (Erkstrand, 2015, p. 467, p. 468). According to Erkstrand (2015, p. 463), results from a study exhibited a number of elements that can predict truancy. These include gender, low socio-economic status, health, h...

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... are not being adequately supervised. They are unkempt with bruising on their legs and the caregiver/parent is under the influence of alcohol (Morrison, 2013, p. 938, p. 940). These are clear signs of neglect and nurses must make a mandatory report to the Family and Community Services either via telephone or online (Family & Community Services, n.d.).

In conclusion, from assessment evidence and the complexity of Joan’s needs, Mrs. Bull is in dire need of a MDT case conference. From a low socioeconomic status, Joan has little financial wealth and exhibits a low level of education. For the needs of herself and the children under her care, interventions are required to enable the successful management, treatment and care for all parties involved. This may only be achieved by holding a case conference with all required MDT members delivering optimal holistic healthcare.

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