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Child Abuse: Routine Activities Theory Essays

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Physical abuse, the act when someone intentionally damages another party involving contact envisioned to cause feelings of physical discomfort, objection, or other physical distress and bodily harm ("Child Physical Abuse"). Physical maltreatment occurred among animals, too. In most cases, physical abused offenders tend to be the victims of the same physical misuse, but adults can be victims as well without the same effect. Physically abused children be prone to the risk of later interpersonal problems (of or relating to relationships or communication between people) involving aggressive behavior, and adolescents are at a greater risk for substance mishandling ("Long-term physical and mental health consequences of childhood physical abuse: Results from a large population-based sample of men and women", 2007, p. 1). In addition, indications of despair, emotional distress, and suicidal thoughts are also common features of individuals who have been tangibly battered. Studies have shown that children with a history of physical mistreatment may meet Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorder (DSM-IV-TR) criteria for post-traumatic stress ("Inkling for Web"). There are different types of people who are physically corrupted on a daily basis.
The different types of abusers are the ones that receive pleasure from these acts, the ones that consume alcohol or drugs, and the ones that have been exploited ("Physical abuse ' Abuse and safety ' Explore ' Child Line"). Many people find pleasure from this act, which makes the victim more likely to be molested more frequently. Individuals that take drugs and drink alcohol then physically manhandle someone has had an impulse to the brain causing them to lash out. These type of people, have...

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