Child Abuse Or Discipline? Essay

Child Abuse Or Discipline? Essay

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Child Abuse or Discipline

When I was a child, I used to think that people made a big deal over nothing and child abuse was not a serious issue. I was wrong now I believe that not enough people are aware of the amount of people that are harmed by child abuse. You would think that after a while children would tell someone that they are being abused. Since only the child knows exactly what happened, the type of abuse, and now it is affecting them. If parents would just learn the when it is appropriate to discipline children this would not be as big of a deal. According to “Spanking isn’t parenting; it’s child abuse,” written by Mel Robbins some people tend to believe that there is not a problem with hitting children. In the article Robbins gives several reasons why spanking children is considered okay, but he also explains why these reasons are unacceptable. Many people assume that it is normal to hit children if they mess up, but some children do not deserve to be hit. Americans today tend to ignore the fact that children do have a voice as well, but some children are afraid to speak up and tell others that they are being abused. Robbins also stated near the end of the article that some children still misbehave after getting a spanking. I agree with Robbins when he said parents only spank their children to relieve the stress that the child is causing at that moment causing physical child abuse instead of discipline.
The definition of child abuse may vary from person to person, but the general definition of child abuse is maltreatment of a child. Maltreatment of a child can come in many different forms. Personally I think that physical child abuse is the worse because some children get hit for unnecessary reasons. Ma...

... middle of paper ...

...lize that I needed one in order to learn my lesson. My parents never hit me in front of other people, I always knew I was in trouble when my parents would say come with me to the bathroom or go to your room. I was more emotional as a child and all my parents had to do is raise their voice and I knew that I was in trouble and immediately start crying. I am sure that many others children today are like that, because I have seen people yell at their children in the store and the child straighten up. This only works for some children though because some children do not care if their parents raise their voice they continue to misbehave until they receive what they want. If my parents would have hit me out of frustration I would have received a lot of spankings. I think that I am lucky to have never been hit by my parents, but I have been punished and it still hurts.

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