Child Abuse And The Professional Network Working Within The Child Protection

Child Abuse And The Professional Network Working Within The Child Protection

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In this assignment I am going to explain the types of abuse that generate concerns for the professional network working within the child protection. In addition to show this I am going to talk about the various indicators of child abuse and significant harm.
Firstly I am going to explain briefly the history relating to social work and child protection. The first act of parliament for the prevention of children’s charter was passed in 1889. Police were then able to arrest anyone who harmed a child. This act was then amended again in 1894 and it allowed children to give their evidence in court. The children’s act in 1908 introduced the registration of foster parents and children courts. The children and Young Persons Act 1932 increased the authorities of juvenile courts and introduced supervision orders for children at risk. The Children Act 1948 established a children 's officer in each local authority. This was done after following the death of 13-year-old Dennis O 'Neill which was taken place by his own foster parents. Then in 1970 under the Local Authority Social Services Act social work service, social provisions, and council were then merged into social services department. In 1989, The Children Act 1989 gave every child the right to protection from abuse and exploitation and the right to inquiries to safeguard their welfare. The act came into force in England and Wales in 1991. Then in 1999, The Protection of Children Act 1999 was passed, to prevent paedophiles from working with children. It requires childcare organisations in England to inform the Department of Health about anyone known to them who is suspected of harming children or putting them at risk.
In addition to this I am now going to explain the different types of...

... middle of paper ..., clothing, shelter, and failing to protect them from any kind of danger. Neglect is the most common reported category of child abuse as all the others come under this.

Additionally all of these categories could be used in significant harm. This is when a child is abused repeatedly and the matter keeps on occurring. An example of significant harm is Daniel Pelka’s case. This little boy was neglected, emotionally and physically abused by his parents and used to be sent to school ‘starved’. He used to steal other children’s pack lunches and use to have marks and bruises, this was happening over a period of time and was not just a one off situation. Suspicions or allegations that a child is suffering or likely to suffer Significant Harm should result in an assessment incorporating a Section 47 Enquiry which did not happen and resulted in the child’s death.

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