Child Abuse And Religious Institutions Essay

Child Abuse And Religious Institutions Essay

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Religion still holds strong to the majority of American society, yet the institution that houses religion lacks much trust and support. In fact, close to ninety percent of American’s believe in God, it is just a decline in the trust of religious organizations. (U.S. Still Religious, But Trust In Institutions Wanes) The largest part of distrust is the black clouds that surround religious institutions like the clergy scandal. Child abuse in religious institutions is an authentic quandary and an uncomfortable topic to speak upon, however the public and the media needs to shine light on this dark subject – advocate the need for equity and emolument for these defenseless children, and make voices heard that there needs to be reform of the religious institutions secret policies and constructions and become more clear and reliable to child maltreatment.
The Catholic Church endured substantial abuse by the media, and the world, for the allegations that proposed child abuse and corruption by high officials within the church. The media illustrated the crime and did not leave much to any viewer’s imagination; allegations of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests and abuse of influence and whitewashes by bishops. (Maher&Sever, 2006) These claims came forth in the year 2002, but this abuse has been occurring since the construct of the religious institution.
Though distrust is apparent among many believers within their religion in result to such scandals, the few who hold true to the doctrines and belief of the institution are the ones who prevent needed justice of child abuse from succeeding. What is worse, according to an article by the Herald Sun, high officials such as Bishops, cover-up scandals to bulwark the reputation of the chu...

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...emic. The lasting effect child maltreatment has on the survivor is enormous. The type of crime committed is unique by nature, journalist Max Weiman stated, "When a person is sexually abused, they suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically. When the offender is a priest, minister or rabbi, the victim also suffers spiritually."(Weiman, 2011) There needs to be scheduled time lines for turnarounds in the sex scandal cases, education needs to be readily available on signs and symptoms of child maltreatment, there needs to be multiple avenues readily available for survivors of child abuse, and most importantly the judicial system needs to prosecute those who sit and let these horrible crimes transpire. Albert Einstein was quoted, "“The world is too dangerous to live in - not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.”

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