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The Chicago Seven Trial Essay

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One of the many excitements in the news during the late sixties was the “Chicago Seven” Trial. People read about this crazy trial and the outlandish events that took place in the courtroom from the defendants wearing judicial robes to crude names and accusations directed towards the Judge. Who could we possibly expect to act so unruly in a place of order and justice? Why, the “Chicago Seven” of course. The events that led up to this trial all began with Democratic Convention of 1968 which took place in Chicago, Illinois.
The Vietnam War was well on its way by the time the Democratic Convention of 1968 rolled around, and so were the anti-war protests. After the Tet Offensive in the spring of 1968 and the famous Broadcast of Walter Cronkite the American public had begun to lose trust in the plans of Lyndon Johnson for Vietnam, and was protesting for peace. The Democratic Convention was an important time and place for protestors to display their displeasure with the Vietnam War, as many important decisions were to be made.
The Chicago Seven was made up of radical protestors from two main groups, the MOBES (National Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam) and the YIPPIES (Youth International Party). MOBE was the more politically focused of the two while the YIPPIES engaged in promoting an uninhibited lifestyle. Both groups made plans for the Convention which would take place in Chicago.
Planning for the Convention began as early as November 1967 with the “Resistance” at the University of Chicago. It was here that Rennie Davis, the national coordinator for MOBE, announced his intentions for Convention Week. The MOBES and YIPPIES met for the first time in 1968 to discuss their plans, and again on March fourth near Chicago. At this...

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verdict, and it what ways the constitutional rights of the defendants were
violated. I also found how Judge Hoffman could have handled the trial
better and what he had done wrong. Secondary source Edit Copy Delete
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Newspaper or Newswire
Web link "'Terrible Comprimise' Rapped by 'Chicago Seven' Defenders." The Daily Review 19
Feb. 1970: 5. Web. 16 Feb. 2010. FreePdfViewer.aspx?topic=%e2%80%98Terrible+compromise%e2%80%99+rapped+by+%e2%80%9
8%2f2008&firstvisit=true>. This newspaper article was found through and I was able to get notes on how Judge Hoffman
handled the case poorly and mistakes that were made.

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