Essay on The Chicago Language Center Summer

Essay on The Chicago Language Center Summer

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I am applying for the Chicago Language Center Summer Language Scholarship to study introductory Ancient Greek during the Summer Quarter of 2016. Studying Ancient Greek during this time will allow me to greatly further my academic work, which are best embodied in my current MA thesis project. My MA thesis, which will serve as the basis for my further academic work, will be engaging with the political and cultural environment of Classical Athens. My thesis will primarily focus on Plato’s proposed transformation of eros and the structure of the family and the intended political and cultural consequences of these transformations within the Republic and its further resonances in the Timaeus. In order to demonstrate what Plato is trying to accomplish, I will examine Plato’s construction of novel myths, and the way that he employs ancient Greek religion and culture to help advocate for his vision of the ideal polis.
In order to begin my path on fully understanding Plato and the Classical Greek culture that he engaged with, I will have to learn Ancient Greek, in order to read Plato’s texts as well as the other seminal texts the emerge from Classical Athens that have a great deal of bearing on the social and political theory that Plato engages with. I hope to have a deep enough understanding of Plato as a thinker, who is engaging with the environment of Classical Athens, to be able to discern Plato’s thought from modifications to his philosophy that have been made by the many generations of subsequent thinkers, who have engaged with Plato’s work. Ultimately, I plan to use introductory Ancient Greek as the first step in pursuing further study of classical languages in a post-baccalaureate program. I will then apply to either a PhD. in Clas...

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...lato will be further enlightened by reading his work in its original language.
Ultimately, attaining the ability to read the texts produced by Classical Greeks will begin to put me on equal footing with the contemporary scholars, who engage with this work in its original language. Not only would I be provided with a richer understanding of the writings of the Classical Greek authors by reading their original language, but I could directly engage with contemporary scholarship that addresses Classical Athens and Plato’s thought. I would greatly appreciate receiving a Summer Language Scholarship in order to begin pursuing my studies of the Ancient Greek language. The scholarship will help provide me with the essential first step in furthering my education and ultimately will help me to further contribute to the academic studies of Classical Athens and Plato’s thought.

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