The Cherokee Nation And The Trail Of Tears By Theda Perdue And Michael D. Green

The Cherokee Nation And The Trail Of Tears By Theda Perdue And Michael D. Green

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Democracy can be traced back before the coming of Christ. Throughout Greece during the sixth century democracy was in its earliest stages and as the millenniums would pass the power of government by the people would show distinct alterations. This is evident when analyzing The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green. These authors illustrate how the U.S government adjusts policies from that of assimilating the Native American Indians to that of removing them from their homelands and forcibly causing the Cherokee nation to relocate themselves west of the Mississippi. In further depth Perdue and Green portray though vivid description how the government would show disloyalty and how that caused division between the tribal members of the Cherokee people. This endeavor of travel and animosity of the Indians would become known as the Trail of Tears. Both authors write, “The Trail of Tears is, without a question, a Cherokee tragedy and an Indian tragedy, but it is also an American tragedy” (Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green, The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears, XVI). With an in-depth analysis of the changes in the democratic system the reader can see where the injustices stems from, what social redesign they made and how the effects of new policies cause not only a Native but also and America catastrophe.
Injustice in this era was partially due to the expansion, colonization and greed of obtaining land of the initial european immigrants. The Native Americans views on land were very different from that of the early colonies in that Indians saw land as sacred. Essentially Native Americans’ perspective on land is that it was meant to be communally used by all the people of the tribe. Indians had n...

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...hady attempts to make treaties that would only benefit the position of the United states government. These agreements went back and forth like a system of give and take, where take become dominant. Social reconstruction through political polices would not help the overall well being and demeanor of The Cherokee Nation and other Native America tribes. In turn it would only further brutality and the shedding of blood. Driven from their homes the Cherokee nation remained resilient and stood hopeful of containing the remaining population after the Trail of Tears. This vivid illustration through the writings of Perdue and Green show more anguish than was absolutely necessary. As they both put it “And if it isa story we are not proud of, we should make sure that its lesson is well learned: Racism, greed and political partnership can subvert even the noblest American ideas.

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