Chernobyl: A Nuclear Catastrophe Essay

Chernobyl: A Nuclear Catastrophe Essay

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When a major event takes place, people will always come back to ask what caused the

event. Who was responsible? Why did the event occur? No matter the event, there will always be

causes and effects. The Chernobyl explosion was a catastrophic event that has one or two causes

but a few more effects. Chernobyl affected not only the people and environment around the area,

but it affected other countries, too. People wonder what could’ve been done to stop the

explosion, or if it even was stoppable. They also wonder what happened afterwards and if the

government has done anything to help. Events, such as Chernobyl, spark questions that are

begging to be answered. They also set examples to be learned from, whether what happened was

There are a number of things that could be held responsible for the explosion of the

Chernobyl power plant in 1986, but what it all comes down to is a flawed reactor design and

operators that were not properly trained. It’s not really who caused the explosion; it’s more of

what caused the explosion. The flawed reactor had more of a role in what occurred than the

workers did, although they still are to blame. Some say the explosion was a consequence of the

, 1986 a test was run on a reactor at the Chernobyl 4 power

plant. An operator went to shut down the reactor but couldn’t because it was in an extremely

unstable condition. The unique design of the control rods in the reactor caused a dramatic power

surge when they were put into the reactor. When the very hot fuel and the coolant came together

it caused a rapid production of steam and increased the pressure in the reactor. The

characteristics of the reactor were very sensitive. That caused the fuel channels to rupture and

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