Chemistry : What Kind Of Reactions? Essay

Chemistry : What Kind Of Reactions? Essay

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For centuries, many scientists and researchers have pondered on the idea of combining two or more substances together to create something new. These explorations have led to the idea of what kind of reactions would occur when diverse elements are combined. This is a concept known as chemistry, a part of science that corresponds with how matter is created from different properties and the process it goes through to create a new substance. Chemistry is a scientific concept that is used in everyday life and is a crucial part in the development of new technology and substances that allow today’s quality of life. The use of chemistry branches off into many different routes, including medical related fields, agriculture, and even in weapons of destruction. Chemistry is a fundamental concept that can be seen in many occupations today regarding how certain chemicals and chemical processes react within various substances. Many science related occupations require a degree in either chemistry or biology. In particular, one occupation that is heavily dependent upon fundamentals of chemistry is biochemistry. Biochemistry is an important factor in science we have today, because without it, we would not have the the many medicines and substances that help sustain living life.
Biochemistry is a division of science that involves exploring the chemical processes within living organisms at the molecular level. Biochemistry is a laboratory based process that is dependent upon concepts from chemistry and biology. Biochemistry involves the understanding of various chemical processes in order to solve biological problems. Biochemistry is also involved with multiple scientific practices including genetics, microbiology, forensics, and medicine.(SOURC...

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...ll, unless it is in Idaho.
Chemistry is an applied scientific concept that has been applied throughout history. With the enormous increase of today’s education and molecular understanding, chemistry can be a beneficial ally. Chemistry plays a crucial role regarding the creation and discovery of new medicines that keep living organisms in a healthy state. Chemistry allows the mass production of the many agricultural foods that farmers need to meet the demands of the market. Chemistry also allows the military to create more high-end explosives and weapons to help protect the people. Overall, chemistry is an important factor in everyday life, because without it, the world today would not have the many things that people take for granted. Ultimately, without biochemistry, living organisms would not have such a high quality of life.

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