Chemistry: Percent Composition Lab Introduction Essay

Chemistry: Percent Composition Lab Introduction Essay

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Percent Composition Lab Introduction
The percentage of something is very important in everyday life. For example, a farmer would want to know the percentage of nutrients in a fertilizer they are using. In spring, the farmer may want to use a fertilizer that has a high percentage of nitrogen, because it "greens” plants. In the fall, the farmer may want to use a fertilizer that has a higher percentage of potassium, because it strengthens the root systems of plants. A way to find the percentage of nutrients is by using percent composition.
Percent composition is the percent of the total mass of a compound that an element takes up (Texas A&M University, "Chemistry"). To calculate the percent composition of element of a compound, the molar mass of the compound must be found by adding up the masses of each atom in the compound (Texas A&M University, "Chemistry"). This can be done by using a periodic table. Then the mass of the element must be calculated by adding up the mass of its atoms (Texas A&M University, "Chemistry"). Then the mass of the element must be divided by the total molar mass of the compound and then be multiplied by 100 (Texas A&M University, "Chemistry"). For example, the percent composition of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) in sodium chloride (NaCl) are 39.34% and 60.66%. These were found by calculating the molar mass of NaCl, which would be 22.99g/mol of sodium (Na), plus 35.45g/mol of chloride (Cl), which equals 58.44g/mol of NaCl. The total mass of sodium (Na), 22.99g/mol, was then divided by the molar mass of sodium chloride (NaCl), 58.44g/mol and then multiplied by 100, equaling a percent composition of about 39.34% of sodium (Na) in sodium chloride (NaCl). The total mass of chloride (Cl), 35.45g/mol, was then div...

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...ntahydrate is (CuSO 4 ) 5(H 2 O). The molecular formula of copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate is also (CuSO 4 ) 5(H 2 O).

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