The Chemistry Of Crime And Crime Essay

The Chemistry Of Crime And Crime Essay

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Crime and Everyday Life chapter two, The Chemistry for Crime outlines the various components of a crime. Noting that offenders are just one small element to any crime. In all honesty offenders are a variable waiting for time that all the elements are in place. Violent, predatory crimes only occur while an absence of guardians around a target. Clarke named the check list for a target or hot product as, concealable, removable, available, valuable, enjoyable, and disposable. Equally, fights develop in the absence of peacemakers and a present crowd. Illegal sales crime all depend on the setting that offers coverage and removed management. The Chemistry for Crime argues that everyday life tempts as well as diminishes the potential for crime, influencing the decision of offenders.
The Chemistry of Crime proved to be an overall interesting, knowledgeable read. Indeed, The Almost-Always Elements section was insightful with its three almost-always elements; a likely offender, a suitable, the absence of a capable guardian against the offense. These elements raised some questions for me most specifically the absence of a capable guardian. What made a guardian capable? Of course the obvious guardians came to mind parents, family, polices. Though upon further reading it was cleared that “The most significant guardians in society are ordinary citizens going about their daily routine.” (Felson/Boba) Logically speaking makes sense, people are easily influenced by those around them. But, I had watched shows such as 20/20, which put this idea to the test. Having a crime such as a beating occur in a heavily crowded area with various results. These so called guardians may or may not react to the crime occurring around them. In all it’s the illus...

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...ounded by dominate guardian.
I named the illegal market and its public locations as a startling fact that I never knew. After continuing reading I remembered that this past spring break I was offered to buy weed while on the beach with a friend. She was asleep and I was reading and though it was just the two of us we were not far from a multiple families. A man came up and asked me my age and if I wanted any weed. I told him I did not smoke and he left shortly after and we went back to our hotel. The beach is not a park, but a very public place with many people that could make potential clients. Maybe the little family a couple feet from us playing in the sand unknowingly acted as guardians. Protecting my friend and me from the man pushing us to buy weed more aggressively. Chapter two really brought these things into light on a situation and I could not comprehend.

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