The Chemistry Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist who discovered the disorder of dementia and diagnosed the condition. Alois was born in Marktbreit Germany in, 1864 who was very passionate and showed his interest in science. Once Alois graduated from college and received his medical degree he worked in hospitals in Frankfurt. Over the years he was spent working in the hospitals he came across a 51 year old women by the name of Auguste Deter, suffering memory loss. He was able to come up with the causes of severe dementia. After Alois work was a success and having all necessary and appropriate parts the condition dementia became known as Alzheimer 's disease. The Chemistry of Alzheimer 's disease is largely centered on the amyloid beta- peptide of the brain and its formation, structure, and interactions with metals, membranes, proteins and other species. But lets first talk about the brain itself. Even though your brain only weighs only 3 pounds it is the most powerful organ of your body and is broken down into three main parts. First, the Cerebrum. It fills most of the brain which helps you with thinking, remembering, problem solving, movement and feeling. The brain Cortex is part of the Cerebrum which makes your brain have a winkled type of texture. The specific regions of the cortex map out the sensations of your body, sights, sounds and smells from the outside world. It helps you solve problems and make plans, stores your memories and controls movement when you want. The Cortex is very important with people with dementia. Secondly, the Cerebellum is placed back of the head beneath of the Cerebrum and this helps you with your balance and coordinates. Lastly, the Brain stem happens to be the most important part of the brain. It lays beneath... ... middle of paper ... ...was not able to take care of him anymore so she had to put him in a hospice care where he needed complete care. His Alzheimer’s got severe enough, he didn’t know anyone’s name and forgot how to shower and use his daily hygiene product. I witnessed all of this when I visited him in 2010 where he passed several months after my visit. There is a lot of chemistry that has to do with dementia. Thanks to Alois Alzheimer’s and his work he was able to come up with this disorder. There are so many functions with the brain that take place on how you get Alzheimer’s. The way the membranes, proteins and metals function in your brain and how they form is what gets you Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately there is no cure but they are doing all they can to make it as comfortable for the individual and the family members that brings a tremendous amount of stress on his or hers life.
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