Essay about Chemistry Experiment : Mixtures And Pure Substances

Essay about Chemistry Experiment : Mixtures And Pure Substances

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Experiment #3 - Mixtures and Pure Substances

HYPOTHESIS: My hypothesis is that none of the Crayola colors are pure colors because they are a mixture of other color components.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the experiment is to determine the specific types of pigments found in water-soluble marker pens by using paper chromatography and water as a solvent.

 coffee filter
 pencil or other rod to use to hang the paper from
 different colored water-soluble marker pens (Vis a Vis pens and Crayola water soluble work well. Be sure that it is water soluble. Be sure to test any green, water soluble inks that you have.)
 water
 glass

• Get foreign particles in your eyes so wear clear safety glasses.
• Get cuts from using scissors when cutting the coffee strips so keep eyes on fingers.
• May poke yourself accidentally with the pencil so again keep eyes on task at hand.

1. Cut strips from coffee filters that are about ½ inch wide and the width of the filter. Make 6 or 8 of them with two or three strips coming from each filter...

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