Chemistry : Chemistry And Everyday Life Essay

Chemistry : Chemistry And Everyday Life Essay

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Chemistry in Everyday Life
Alexandra L. Voda
Chemistry 1010
November 25, 2016

Water is one of the most impressive things we deal with. It not only is involved in all processes for life, but it behaves in some unique ways. Water is used every day and is never thought of as an important part of chemistry. One way to demonstrate how unique water is and how it brings chemistry into our everyday lives are icebergs. Icebergs are a wonder to many. Icebergs are giant blocks of ice that just seem to float effortlessly on top of the water. Icebergs can be huge, with most of their mass beneath the surface so it is a wonder how they stay afloat.
The focus of this project will be to understand how water defies the typical rule of a solid being more dense than its liquid form and being less dense, how the structure of water looks and how it allows bonding, and how the intermolecular forces allow water to have such a strong bond and how water can be a liquid, solid, or a gas at given moment. Looking through the concepts of chemistry and how water seems to fit into many concepts.
The first concept to look into when looking at water is the mass. How water is defined by matter. Mass meaning the amount of matter. Water or ice is a naturally occurring matter. Matter can be divided into two categories of a mixture or a pure substance. Water is a pure substance because it is only made out of one component. (Denniston, 2007) Water can fall into the three states of matter at any given moment simultaneously. The three states of matter being liquid, solid, and gas. Water would be the liquid, as the solid form would be the iceberg. Water must go through a phase change from a liquid to a solid through freezing for an i...

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...ter molecule is shaped and the way it freezes to a crystalline structure allows the ice to be less dense than the liquid. Water is one of the few substances that can actually be present in a liquid, gas, or solid simultaneously. This could be seen every day but is rarely noticed. With the iceberg in mind, a solid ice state is witnessed on top of a liquid water state, with gases all around it even though they are not visible. Any sign of heat around the iceberg could cause condensation and evaporation. Water is the biggest part of chemistry in our everyday lives.

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