Essay on Chemistry And The World Of Medicine

Essay on Chemistry And The World Of Medicine

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Chemistry is an important aspect in the world of medicine. In a pharmacy it is important, almost critical for a pharmacist to be able to explain the dangers of being vaccinated. A pharmacist must know how a vaccine works and the chemistry behind them. A pharmacist has patients and needs to administer the proper health care including informing the patient of what the vaccines are made of and how they are made. Vaccine are a product that people should be cautious of. Vaccines contain a number of unusual ingredients and should be reviewed before deciding to innoculate. Vaccines have been developed over a long period of time, the process of building immunity to a virus dates back to 900 CE. Early chinese men would pulveris smallpox scabs and blow it up there nose in order to build immunity to the virus (Philadelphia 2015). The same concept is in todays vaccines, containing a weakened virus and many other ingredients to weaken the virus further using chemistry.
The contents of vaccines are shocking and should be analyzed before deciding whether or not to vaccinate.Vaccines contains your typical antibiotic, adjuvants such as aluminum and preservatives such as thimerosal. Neomycin is an antibiotic which most vaccines contain(CDC 2013). Neomycin is used to fight bacteria that may grow from the vaccine. Even though neomycin fights bacteria, the antibiotic has serious side effects. The possible side effects of neomycin, are a decrease in how much or how often you urinate, fever, chills, cough, sore throat, and body aches(PubMed 2015). Other Possible side effects are; Fainting, or loss of consciousness, hearing loss, numbness, tingling, muscle twitching, or seizure (PubMed 2015). Vaccines contain another common ingredient, aluminum. Aluminum...

... middle of paper ... an infection causing the body 's immune system to react and fight off the virus, with the help of the virus being weakened. Through the help of the adjuvants such as aluminum and the antibiotic and preservatives the virus cannot become deadly or contaminated. It will not be able to grow any bacteria because of the preservative thimerosal. The imitation infection is not really infecting you it is getting the immune system ready for the event you are infected with the real virus. Also the antibiotics help fight off any bacteria that the virus may cause. Given the contents of the vaccines and the process people should be cautious and knowledgeable of the vaccines being administered by healthcare professionals. Though we have come a long way from the china men blowing scabs up their noses, vaccines are still a long ways away from being completely safe and effective.

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