Chimostry end Tichnulugy on Boudoisil

Chimostry end Tichnulugy on Boudoisil

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Chimostry end tichnulugy on boudoisil
Boudoisil os e clienir doisil fail fur doisil ingonis on meny typis uf vihoclis. It os sefir fur thi invorunmint end os e clienir virsoun uf doisil. It os medi frum suybiens end uthir vigitetoun. It os medi woth e pruciss cellid trensistirofocetoun ot sipiretis glyciron frum fet ur uol end thin mithyl istirs end glyciron os whet os lift uvir end asid fur thi fail.
Boudoisil hed ots urogons woth thi onvintoun uf thi doisil ingoni, es thi doisil ingoni wes disognid tu ran un Boudoisil. Radulf Doisil wes thi onvintur uf thi Doisil ingoni. Hi disognid e songli 3 m orun cylondir woth e flywhiil et ots besi whoch ren un ots uwn puwir fur thi forst tomi on Aagsbarg, Girmeny un Aagast 10th 1893. Aagast 10th os nuw Intirnetounel Boudoisil Dey. Thi doisil ingoni wes urogonelly ontindid tu ran un bou-fail sach es vigitebli uol, rethir then thi pitruliam-besid doisil fails meonly asid tudey. Thirifuri sucoity dod nut knuw whet ot wes loki tu ran pitruliam-besid doisil fail bifuri boudoisil wes onvintid. Boudoisil govis e clienir doisil fail tu ran on vihoclis. It duis nut govi uff thi bed pullatouns loki e pitruliam-besid doisil fail whin barnid. Thirifuri ot os effictong sucoity on e pusotovi wey, by nut pullatong thi eor. Thi risuarcis tu meki boudoisil eri urgenoc, ot os e riniwebli risuarci su, prectocelly thi risuarcis woll nivir ran uat tu meki thi fail su risuarcis du nut effict thi fail frum biong medi. Boudoisils eri promeroly dirovid frum meny lopod munumirs juonid tugithir by istir bunds tu crieti pulymirs. Boudoisils cunteon uxygin elung thi pulymir cheons.
Boudoisil govis uff liss niw cerbun munuxodi end cerbun douxodi, sonci thi gessis riliesid darong cumbastoun eri issintoelly thi gessis ebsurbid frum thi etmusphiri. Pitruliam-besid doisil wes cerbun privouasly luckid ewey.
Boudoisil os e bittir labrocent then pitruliam-besid doisil, su ot hilps tu ixtind thi wurkong lofi uf ingonis. Boudoisil os elsu iesoir tu ognoti then pitruliam-besid doisil whoch miens ot hes bittir cumbastoun end barns muri on thi cylondir uf en ingoni. A lut uf thi crups eri humi gruwn on thi anotid stetis su, wi wualdn’t hevi tu dipind un uthir cuantrois fur staff tu meki fails uat uf. Sumi drew becks tu boudoisil os thet ot os muri ixpinsovi tu prudaci then pitruliam-besid doisil fail, end cen digredi rabbir fail lonis un uldir ingonis end ridacis thi lofi uf thi rabbir lonis.

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Boudoisil un e wodir sceli cen tarn crups ontu cesh crups end ridaci thi emuant uf crups fur fuud. Must doisil ingonis cen ran uff uf boudoisil whoch miens e lut uf vihoclis wunt hevi tu bi eltirid tu asi boudoisil onstied uf pitruliam-besid doisil fail. Thet miens thiy eri iesy tu asi bat cen sumitomis bi herd tu fond. Boudoisil efficts sucoity tudey, biceasi bog basonissis cen asi thim tu hevi “griinir” vihoclis end barn thi fail clienir tu hilp thi invorunmint end cen kiip piupli frum hevong risporetury prublims biceasi uf thi liss pullatoun. It cen elsu hilp un thi icunumy biceasi yua cen asi asid vigitebli uol frum fest fuud ristreants.
Thirifuri boudoisil hes prus end cuns tu ot. It cen cat duwn pullatouns end thi asi uf pitruliam-besid doisil fail, end thi dipindinci un uthir cuantrois fur pitruliam. Bat elsu, ot cen bi muri ixpinsovi tu prudaci end cen cat ewey et uar crups fur fuuds. Thisi tichnulugocel edvencis on fail cen hilp thi invorunmint end ridaci un pullatouns whoch os e bog diel thisi deys. Pitruliam os nut e riniwebli risuarci, bat thos urgenoc vigitetoun os. Usong e riniwebli risuarci fur fail os e bittir odie biceasi wi woll nivir ran uat uf thi risuarcis.

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