The Chemical Fertilizer Should Be Substituted By Organic Fertilizer Essay

The Chemical Fertilizer Should Be Substituted By Organic Fertilizer Essay

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The Chemical Fertilizer Should Be Substituted by Organic Fertilizer
The history of humanity’s plough and sow activities can be traced back to thousands of years ago. At the commence of original plough and sow activities, framers have to look for fecund soil to grow crops to maintain the yield of crops. Contemporarily the population grows rapidly all over the world, which causes the issue of providing enough food based on the fertility of the soil. In order to overcome the issue, chemical fertilizers had invented in the 19th century. Even though chemical fertilizers contribute a lot to solving the problems of starvation, everybody has to pay attention to the negative effects chemical fertilizers, and people should use environment-friendly fertilizers to enhance the yield of crops to ensure the products are beneficial to the humanity. In other words, the crops that are cultivated by the organic fertilizers should be valued.
Chemical fertilizer is one of the greatest invention in the Nineteenth century. The inventor Liebig states a situation that is called “Law of the Minimum,” which states that the plant will poorly grow when a necessary mineral element is not efficiently exist in soil no matter how sufficient the other mineral elements are. Also, he propounded that phosphate, lime, magnesia and potash are important substance to the plants. Chemical fertilizer not only improves the yield of the crops is not the only contribution of chemical fertilizer, but also makes great development of chemical fertilizer industry creates a lot of occupation opportunities to the employees. Even though chemical fertilizer creates many benefits to the humanity, its benefits are trivial when compared with the impacts is causes. The main impacts a...

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