Chemical Dependency Paper Using Methamphetamine At The Age Of Twenty Six

Chemical Dependency Paper Using Methamphetamine At The Age Of Twenty Six

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Chemical Dependency Paper
The client started using methamphetamine at the age of twenty six. She was raised solely by her mother since her father had abandoned them. The client had obtained her high school diploma and began working. The client is currently not a member of a church or religious organization. However, she does believes in spirituality. The client went into depression due to relationship issues and began to rely on substances. She described that the drug was her only “getaway.” Therefore, she used it on an everyday basis—three to five times a day. The last time the client had used the drug was in March, 2008. The client has been sober since then. The general symptoms of chemical dependency include: daily use, unable to stop, and to reduce stress. The physiological effects that the client presented from drug abuse were: high blood pressure, an increased heart rate, skin abscesses, and dental problems. The other personality changes associated with drug abuse are being family concerned, less social, labile mood, and insomnia. Due to substance abuse, the client was unable to maintain an effective performance at her work place. Her behavior was erratic and turbulent. Therefore, she got fired various times. The client is currently in a relationship and has three kids. She expressed that she was too embarrassed by her behavior in front of her children due to drug abuse. The client now plans to become a better mother for her children and permanently avoid all substance abuse.
The client’s drug of choice was methamphetamine. Its trade name is Desoxyn. The street names of methamphetamine are “chalk,” “crank,” “speed,” “crystal,” “ice,” and “redneck cocaine.” Methamphetamine is a stimulant. Kish (2008) states, “Methamphetamin...

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...port, and outpatient psychotherapy are appropriate community out-patient programs that can help the client to maintain sobriety without getting a relapse. A relapse is a recurrence of drug abuse after a period of improvement. It is common to occur, but it should not be considered as failure of treatment. A relapse can be prevented through active participation in behavioral therapies, 12-step programs, group counseling, and individual therapies.
Nurses are principle advocates for the patient’s wellbeing. According to FIRST NAME Williams (n.d.), “Nurses play a vital role in helping patients undergoing drug rehabilitation. They monitor their progress, help them adjust to life without drugs and teach them how to maintain their sobriety after leaving rehab,” (CITATION). Ultimately, nurses help patients identify and make them aware of health concerns from substance abuse.

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