Chemical Compounds And Volatile Organic Compounds Essay

Chemical Compounds And Volatile Organic Compounds Essay

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reactions and sunlight. Pollutants like Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are called ozone precursors, and they combine in the presence of hot, stagnant, sunny weather to create ozone or smog (United States Department of Agriculture). Ozone is the primary ingredient of photochemical smog, which irritates eyes and throat and also damage vegetation (Ahrens, 2011). Ozone precursors in Fresno come from emission vehicles, agricultural machines or equipment, dairy products (foods and drinks), and consumer products such as hair spray. Secondly, Particle Matter is the most concern air pollutant in Fresno compare to smog, and it causes Fresno to have the worst air quality, especially during the summer season. During the summer season in California has the extreme heat and drought that have created a thick layer of smog and tons of tiny particle matter over these last couple years. Since California has extreme heat and drought, we do not experience rain for several years continuously, so we do not have rain to clean up the air of our environment. Fresno is the one of the largest agricultural industry regions in the United States, and the agricultural produce the majority of particle matter to our environment. The factors that are responsible for the Particle Matter that causes the air pollution in Fresno comes from agricultural operations, industrial processes, wood and fossil fuels, construction and demolition activity, and road dust kicked into the air. Windblown dust and wildfires are also the major reasons that contribute to the air pollution in Fresno. Also, diesel soot is another major concern in the Valley because of the high volume of trucks and cars that use Highway 99 (Fresno Metro Ministry).

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...Valley residents through cooperative and effective air quality programs. (Fresno Council of Governments).
San Joaquin Valley Air District Rules and Regulation regulates stationary sources of pollution in the region. The California Air Resources Board is in charge of setting State standards while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of monitoring national standards. During 2006, California has passed the assembly bill 32 that stated that requires California to reduce its green house gasses emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, an approximately 15 % below emissions expected by the state data. The full implementation of AB 32 will help reduce risks that associated with climate change, while improving energy efficiency, develop cleaner transportation, and reducing waste that can cause bad air and water quality. The California states government believed that

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