Chemical And Physical Properties Of The Substances Essay

Chemical And Physical Properties Of The Substances Essay

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Name: Sebastian Sak Lab Partners: Timothy Gronet
TA: Feifei Xu
Determined Chemicals Through Different Chemical and Physical Properties
In the lab, common household chemicals will be studied to identify the substances. Chemical and physical properties of these different chemical will aid in identifying the substances, all of which are white, solid substances.

The experiment was performed based on the procedure in the lab handout “Exp. #5: Chemicals in Everyday Life.” The sulfuric acid test originally in the procedure was removed along with the sugars. The order of the tests performed was however based on observations of previous tests. After making the initial observations on the appearance of the solid substances, water was added to dissolve the chemicals. This was done to be able to perform further tests and to observe solubility of the substances. Observations on the solubility were difficult, as some were partially soluble and ambiguity of the solubility observations was present. Two substances were clearly soluble. Next the pH test was performed. This was a logical next step as only two substances had a basic pH, which would be indicated through a blue/green color on the pH strip. Following the pH test, two substances were tested, each under UV light, one of which did not glow. That substance was then tested with the Barium test for precipitation. Next the two soluble solutions were determined to be salts and were tested with the Silver test to create a precipitate. The substance that did not precipitate was tested with the Barium test for precipitation. The remaining 4 unknowns were unable to be differentiated between. These 4 were tested using the Tri-iodide test and the Biuret test. The results from...

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...r, there would be no reaction that occurs. All the ions in the water would remain aqueous and no observations would be made. This was an important chemical property the procedure that was used in this lab. Since no reaction was observed in Epsom salt, it was possible to conclude that Epsom salt was substance #2, rather than substance #5, NaCl, which had a clear precipitate form when silver nitrate was added.

A simple procedure to test for lead (Pb2+) ions includes the use of table salt. Chloride ions are insoluble with lead ions.
Pb^(2+) (aq)+2NaCl(aq)→2Na^+ (aq)+PbCl_2 (s)
To test for lead ions, simple add sodium chloride to the water and watch for any precipitate to form. If a precipitate forms, lead ions are present in the water sample.
Iacobucci, Sarah. “Exp. #5: Chemicals in Everyday Life.” Chem 1 Lab Handout; Tufts University: Medford, MA. 2016.

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