Chemical and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction Essay

Chemical and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction Essay

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Has the international law been able to tame the manufacture and use of BW?
In the face of ever increasing terror attacks, autocratic regimes lead by crazy men (Syria as an example), the control of BW has to be successful. In 1972 the use of BWs was outlawed by 165 states, however several nations still research on the same for defense purposes. The argument here is that defense can be interpreted differently by different states; as a good defense is a good offense. Nothing can stop South and North Korea from attacking each other in the name of defense with the BWs, which would have a cause effect the world over.
Historical use of BWs
In 1789 the British army used smallpox to attack New South Wales, and previously had used blankets donated to civilians to spread small pox during the American Revolutionary War (Christopher, Warren 2013). When world war two began the UK established a BW project. Approved by Winston Churchill; soon anthrax, botulism, tularemia, and brucellosis toxins became weaponized. Gruinard Island in Scotland became poisoned with anthrax for 48 years (Prasad, S.K. 2009). The USA followed suite to produce such BW and tested in Utah (Guillemin, J 2006). Japan did the worst form of BW research, tested on humans-prisoners (Williams, Peter; Wallace, David 1989). Japan also used BW against China. During the cold war period the big powers-US, UK, USSR developed such weapons, although not exactly used.
In 1969 the UK and the Warsaw Pact proposed to the UN to ban BWs. In 1972 the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention banned the use of BWs. Richard Nixon; the US president released an executive order for the production of BWs to stop immediately. Most states undertook to research on immunization and bio-safety.
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...ism to prevent widespread of nuclear threat because neither the NPT nor the IAEA could no longer legally investigate the regarding matter in North Korea. It was crucial for the international community to prohibit the production, possession, and use of nuclear weapons as a whole. However, as it focused on having more states to sign the NPT, its legal framework failed to include the mechanism of dealing with the states such as non-signatory and also abusive member. As a result, a small and self-insufficient state like North Korea became isolated from the rest of international community with the status of still holding nuclear weapons. This is very dangerous as these minority illegal nuclear holders of North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran could transfer nuclear weapons in a hand of terrorists through possible black market to complicate the matter (Sigal, 2011, pp. 65-83).

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