Chemical and Biological Agents: Project Coast Essay

Chemical and Biological Agents: Project Coast Essay

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Project Coast was a ploy on using chemical and biological agents on the inhabitants of South Africa; tear gas was not enough for the Prime Minister at the time PW Botha (Gould & Folb, 2002). Botha employed Wouter Basson who headed the program. Basson used a couple of extremely lethal agents such as CX powder and mustard gas. The Apartheid government took aim at political rivals. Project Coast known for research, development, and deploy of chemical and biological warfare. Basson was known in many parts as Dr. Death following the events of Project Coast. Basson based his research in many western nations that were already leading the advancement in weapon programs. Basson conducted a variety of trial and error experiments in the name of the Apartheid Government. Biological experiments stemmed from some well-known secretly conducted hypothesis such as black bomb that targeted the country’s black population. Basson took to using viruses which included anthrax, ricin, and E. coli. Nerve gases were general nature for Basson with Sarin and VX. Many of Basson’s concoctions used by the police and military forces alike. Experiments associated with Project Coast have not been uncovered due to the nature of secrecy. The 1980’s one of the most shrouded times for South Africa and its people with the threat of chemical weapons on its own people as a control and scare tactic. The original purpose was to combat weapons used against its troops in the Angola conflicts. Acquiring information and technology from outside sources was the government’s priority as their threat analysis elevated throughout the years. South Africa took many of the advancements learned from Cuba to further their endeavors.

According to Gould and Folb (2002) Pro...

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...deemed cruel and inhumane. Governments start with brilliant ideas on the surface that would seem to defend its people against chemical and biological attacks but given this regime the end state polar opposite from the beginning. Project Coast shrouded in secrecy with go down as another South African genocide that goes unanswered. The people suffered poisons, genetic manipulations, and diseases introduced all for the sake of containing political outcries and alliances with neighboring territories.

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