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Checkers Business Plan

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Checkers Business Plan

Organization and Mission

Checkers®/Rally’s® is the nation’s largest chain of double drive-thru restaurants. With two drive-thru lanes and a walk-up window at our more than 800 locations, we are ideally positioned for today’s on-the-go guest. Known for our full-flavored, hand seasoned burgers, thick shakes and famous fries, Checkers/Rally’s provides the great tasting, fresh food with the robust flavors you crave – making our brand slogan, “little place. BIG TASTESM,” undeniable.

Our mission is to serve top-quality meals at a great value with Guest-Obsessed© hospitality, speed and accuracy at our double drive-thru lanes, and to foster a culture where employees are well-trained and well rewarded and franchisees are supported in their endeavors to better the brand.

The key staff of Checkers along with a resume of each member is included.

Management Summary

Checkers is owned and split equally three ways between Michael Anthony, Kory Gedin, and Meredith Guarco. All three owners have prestigious MBA degrees from Wagner College. Anthony, Gedin, and Guarco will supervise the Restaurant Managers and Accountant. The Checkers restaurant will be supervised by two full time Restaurant Managers as the building and kitchen is small and we will have only 3-4 workers on board at a time. Checkers is known for having a positive and “team effort” working environment and we will pride ourselves in maintaining a positive working environment as well as creating a positive relationship with our customers.


All cooking and baking for the fast food will be done in the kitchen facility. This facility will be equipped with computerized deep fryers, commercial freezer and refrigerators, preparation tables, stoves, ovens, and other related equipment. One employee and one chef will be in charge in the kitchen.
*Please see store hours


Toasted Double Melts are Back! Watch the CommercialCheckers/Rally’s is bringing back our Toasted Double Melts, but this time we are heating up the winter by adding some spicy pepperjack. For a limited time, stop by Checkers or Rally’s to try our Toasted Double Melts with your choice or American of spicy pepperjack cheese.

This warm, toasty burger comes with two juicy, hand-seasoned, all-beef patties topped with seasoned grilled onions, creamy cheddar cheese sauce, mayonnaise and your choice of American or pepperjack cheese, all served on bakery fresh toasted sourdough bread.

For extra flavor, order your Toasted Double Melt with bacon. Also, try our Homestyle Chicken Melt sandwich…only at Checkers and Rally’s.

Checkers/Rally's Officially Licensed NASCAR Burgers
Our full-flavored burgers and the power of NASCAR have come together to give race fans across the country a new way to enjoy Checkers/Rally’s.

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These 100 percent pure ground beef burgers come in packages of six 1/3 pound patties. Every box includes a collectible NASCAR-licensed burger seasoning shaker, bringing the authentic taste of Checkers/Rally’s home. The burgers can be cooked on a grill, in a skillet or under the broiler, satisfying any race fans hunger…fast.

Famous Fries:
Our double drive-thru restaurants have always offered our seasoned fries to people on the go. Now, our fries are available for people to enjoy when they are relaxing at home.

Checkers/Rally’s Famous Fries are crispy french fries that are Trans Fat free when oven baked at home. Each 28 ounce bag holds approximately 11 servings. Checkers/Rally’s Famous fries are available at select Wal-Marts, Harris Teeters and Albertsons locations.

Presentation & Competition

Our restaurants are just 700 square feet of burger flippin’, deep fryin’, double drive-thru fun that fit on just a half acre - providing a big break from expensive real estate costs. That small but efficient space makes our restaurants easy to operate and typically reduces overhead costs.

And just like cars through our drive-thru lanes, our buildings are all about speed. Our in-factory, modular construction makes it possible for franchisees to be up and running just weeks after the restaurant arrives on site.

But it’s not just about our buildings. Checkers/Rally’s full flavored, adult focused food is consistently ranked #1 or #2 in taste tests, especially our famous fries and signature Big Buford.

Our brand awareness has doubled recently. We’re the Official Burger of NASCAR and other sports teams, giving our brand a big, relevant presence in the lives of our guests.

The restaurant industry thinks we’re hot stuff, too. In recent years, Nation’s Restaurant News named us the Hot Again restaurant concept for our sizzling business performance and QSR Magazine named us the Best Drive-Thru in America.


The design and convenience of the Checker’s Drive-Trough will have a major impact as it will be easy and fast for motorists and pedestrians to access. Checkers will be advertising on local and regional radio stations as well as local cable TV. Because of the affiliation Checkers has with the community, advertisements will also be included in major and local newspapers. We will also post signs on Clove Road and Forest Avenue to grab attention from motorists, along with posting a billboard of our restaurant and location on the NJ Turnpike heading North and South. Our logo will be featured on napkins, cups, and paper bags to be handed out at the point of sale. Word of mouth will be a major vehicle to propagate the news about checkers.


Checkers/Rally’s restaurants are all about speed, accuracy, performance and leadership – and so are our people! We’re Guest Obsessed, which means that we’re focused on making our customers feel like guests when they’re at our drive-thru windows by giving them fast, accurate and friendly service.

At Checkers/Rally’s, our growth plan has created many employment opportunities and we are always looking for available top-quality people. In candidates, we look for qualities such as integrity, honesty, enthusiasm, accountability and the desire to work hard.

We offer training programs that cover everything from restaurant positions to hospitality and leadership, giving employees the opportunity to learn skills that will help them grow professionally and personally.

We also recognize that our employees are responsible for delivering on our brand promise everyday, so we reward our very best performers with the very best prizes. Checkers/Rally's employees are awarded cruises, cars, gift certificates, trophies and much more for their successful performance.

We have been recognized for our employee programs with a variety of awards including the American Business Awards for two years in a row. In 2004, our Senior Vice President of HR was awarded Best Human Resources Executive, and in 2005, we were awarded Best Human Resources Organization. In addition, Checkers has won the People and Performance (PAPA) Award from Nation’s Restaurant News for our outstanding employee recognition programs and we’ve received a Bronze Pyramid in the national PPAI Golden Pyramid Awards competition for our “Ready, Set, Focus” manager car incentive program.

Pride in the Community

Checkers/Rally’s revved up its sports sponsorship portfolio in February of 2005 when we signed on as the Official Burger and Drive-Thru Restaurant of NASCAR and four ISC tracks. The sponsorship kicked off at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City where Checkers executives and franchisees were joined by Lesa France Kennedy, President of ISC, the 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series champion Kurt Busch, and other NASCAR representatives to open the day of trading.

Since that time, Checkers/Rally’s has become known as the “Official Busiest” partner of NASCAR. We have put our sponsorship in high gear by signing Team and Driver Sponsorships for some of the highest profile races of the 2005 and 2006 seasons. We’ve also had the privilege of participating in NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program.

On the track, we have launched one of the richest contingency programs in the sport: the Checkers/Rally’s Double Drive-Thru Challenge, which rewards the team aspect of racing.

Off the track, Checkers/Rally’s brings the excitement of NASCAR to its restaurants and to the community through special Motorsports Promotions and events.

75 percent of Checkers/Rally’s guests are NASCAR fans, and we’re thrilled to join them in the fun and excitement of America’s fastest growing sport.

Tampa Bay Rays
With our world headquarters based in Tampa, Florida, Checkers is proud to be a category-exclusive sponsor of our hometown MLB team: the Tampa Bay Rays.

Checkers joined the team in 2004, creating the Big Ray Combo meal for fans to enjoy at Tampa Bay-area restaurants and at Tropicana Field’s Bull Pen Café. We’ve promoted ticket giveaways at our double drive-thru lanes, and we’ve featured player appearances and autograph-signing sessions at our restaurants with Rays stars like Carlos Peña (infielder) and Scott Kazmir (pitcher).

Checkers and the Rays have partnered to giveaway limited edition bobble head dolls, distribute Rays-branded thermal mugs, and hand out Rays sports coins for free Checkers meals, proving to be grand slam events for Checkers, the Rays and fans alike.

As the Official Burger of both the Rays and NASCAR, Checkers had the exiting opportunity to bring the two sports together in the 2006 season for NASCAR Night at the Trop, featuring NASCAR Nextel Cup stockcars throughout Tropicana Field and special appearances by NASCAR’s Diversity Program drivers.

Louisville Cardinals
As an Official Corporate Sponsor of the Cardinals, Rally’s is proud to “rally” around the University of Louisville Cardinals and their fans every season with exciting promotions and giveaways.

In 2006, the Cardinals football team took on Wake Forest at the FedEx Orange Ball in Miami, Florida. To show its support for the team, Rally's of Louisville held a Cardinals Sweepstakes where the grand prize was a premium trip for two to Miami and tickets to the big game. The first prize winner scored free Rally's food for a year.

Florida State University Seminoles
Go 'Noles! Checkers is proud to be the Official Burger of the FSU Seminoles and join fans in cheering them on. All football season long, Seminole fans can be part of the action when they pick up Checkers category-exclusive Seminoles Combo at our participating restaurants in Florida before or after the big game.

At Checkers, we know that the only thing that can make a Seminoles game any better is a healthy rivalry, so Florida-based Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. also sponsors the University of Florida Gators. Through this rivalry, each football season we give fans the chance to choose their favorite team in our "Choose Your Champ" promotion. Checkers Guests in Florida can vote for their favorite home state team by ordering a Gators Combo or Seminoles Combo at participating restaurants, with a portion of the proceeds of each Combo sold benefiting scholarship awards at the respective school.

In 2005, Checkers took this intrastate rivalry from the gridiron to the NASCAR Nextel Cup, branding Scott Riggs’ No. 10 Chevrolet for the Seminoles and Kyle Petty’s No. 45 Dodge for the Gators. This race-within-a-race took place at Homestead-Miami Speedway just one week before the teams clashed on the football field.

University of Florida Gators
Go Gators! Checkers is proud to be the Official Burger of the University of Florida Gators and join fans in cheering them on. All football season long, Gator fans can pick up our category-exclusive Gators Combo at participating Checkers locations in Florida.

The only thing that can make a Gators game any better is a healthy rivalry, so Florida-based Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. also sponsors the Florida State University Seminoles. Through this rivalry, each football season we give fans the chance to choose their team in our “Choose Your Champ” promotion, which allows guests to choose a Gators Combo or a Seminoles Combo. A portion of the proceeds from all Gator and Seminole combo meals sold benefit scholarship awards at the respective school.

In 2005, Checkers took this intrastate rivalry from the gridiron to the speedway, branding Kyle Petty’s No. 45 Dodge for the Gators and Scott Riggs No. 10 Chevrolet for the Seminoles. This race-within-a-race took place at Homestead Miami Speedway just one week before the teams clashed on the football field.

Employee Participation in Charities and Events

You Gotta Race!
On October 1, 2005, a group of 40 Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. employees along with friends and family members participated in the Susan G. Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure. The “Checkers Champs” Team walked or ran the 5K race in downtown St. Petersburg early on a Saturday morning.

Thanks to the support of Checkers management and the generosity of their fellow employees, Checkers raised a significant amount of money to contribute to breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment. Checkers and Rally’s vendor partners GFX International and Blade Uniforms and Promotions donated the team’s banner and t-shirts in support of this worthwhile cause.

Feeding the Band
Checkers/Rally’s was proud to feed the East Lake High School Band after their performance at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Our regional director, area manager and crew all pitched in to serve up burgers, fries and colas to this hard working, high achieving, 100-member band.
Two weeks later, the band won the Florida State Marching Band Competition in Orlando as Grand Champion, beating out 80 other bands from Florida. We like to think that our Checkerburgers helped make it possible.

Boys and Girls Club of Broward
In 2005, Checkers joined Publix, local athletes and the Broward Boys and Girls Club to take 100 area kids grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving holiday. After a full afternoon of shopping, all the kids were treated to burgers and fries from Checkers.


June 1, 2008
Staten Island, NY

For our grand opening in Staten Island, NY, we wanted to be sure that our new double drive-thru “sacked” the competition; so we invited members of the Staten Island Yankees to the grand opening. There, they tackled a few Checkerburgers and signed autographs for our guests.

The grand opening also featured T-shirt and coupon giveaways, as well as contests to win tickets to NASCAR races.
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