Essay on Cheating On Academic Work As An Acceptable Practice

Essay on Cheating On Academic Work As An Acceptable Practice

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Cheating on Academic Work as an Acceptable Practice
The word “cheating” when introduced in a conversation brings forth the connotation of thief, laziness, incompetence, scared, untrustworthy just to name a few characteristics. However, take that same word, “cheating”, and apply it to education or business and the audience begin to stuttering, become confused, offer qualifiers and exclusions, delineations, classifications or absolute deny any such behavior. It is generally accepted that cheating occurs in high school and college, but is it viewed as an acceptable practice by students or a lack of understanding or miscommunication between students and educational institutions. According to data gathered by the Educational Portal, between 75%-98% College students surveyed admitted to cheating during their academic careers with cheating typically beginning in middle school. Secondary school students admitted that cheating most often occurred in math and science classes and college students most likely to cheat are engineering and business majors. (Educational Portal) These statistics on student cheating are staggering, but do students consider this behavior acceptable or unacceptable? Before exploring the issue of students’ views on cheating acceptability, a clear definition of “cheating” must be established. (Rajan)
Cheating is intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise.
Fabrication is the “intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.”
Plagiarism is the “deliberate adoption or reproduction of ideas or words or statements of another person as one’s own without acknowledgement.”

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...ake turns and share, • Be open-minded; listen to others,• Don’t take advantage of others,• Don’t blame others carelessly,• Treat all people fairly,

Be kind, • Be compassionate and show you care, • Express gratitude, • Forgive others, • Help people in need

Do your share to make your school and community better, • Get involved in community affairs, • Stay informed; Vote, • Be a good neighbor, • Obey laws and rules, • Respect authority, • Protect the environment, •Cooperate

Student attitudes toward cheating will continues to lean toward cheating as acceptable behavior, as long as schools and teachers are rewarded for their students grades and students are encouraged to WIN at any cost. The challenge is creating other methods of assessing student accomplishment other than the traditional forms of skills development and evaluation.

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