Cheating Is The Dishonesty Of An Individual For Their Personal Advantage

Cheating Is The Dishonesty Of An Individual For Their Personal Advantage

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What is cheating? Cheating is the dishonesty of an individual for their personal advantage. Base on various studies conducted cheating is getting worse among students. Students are cheating to get higher grades so that they look smart. Students are even cheating their way into colleges and universities. This is becoming a major problem and it does not only affect students but school administrators, employers and even generations to come. Don McCabe (2010) conducted a survey among 24,000 high school students at 70 high schools in the United States. 64% Of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58% admitted to plagiarism and 95% participated in some form of cheating. For college students, 70% of students, report to some form of cheating. Fu and Ehrlich (2013) stated: “Academic integrity is, of course, a core value in every educational institution.” So why do students cheat? Students cheat for various reasons. Some of these reasons are:
1) The educational system only focuses on one type of learners.
2) Students are pressure to excel to get into good colleges and universities.
3) Semester workload is too heavy for some students.
Modern day schooling only focuses on one type of learners. Visual, reading and writing, and kinesthetic, etc. are various type of learners in our schools today. But, the educational system only focuses on the reading and writing learners, this is absurd. This is a contribution to the increasing numbers of students cheating. A true education is not only learned from books and taking a test. The modern day educational system is unfair; it also sacrifices the abilities of each student. This is allowing students to think that they are stupid, useless and incompetent. But it is the inflexibilit...

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...d, and this will lead to students cheating just to pass the course.
In concluding, we can say there are many reasons for students to cheat. But in the end, cheating is just a choice. There is no justification for cheating. It is better to study, work hard to get an honest grade because this will drive the determination for you to strive for better. Don’t allow the education system to let you think that you are not smart, or think that you are worthless. Find your strength, your weakness, work on them to make you a better person, to better your future. Don’t allow the pressure for good grades, the workload, push you to cheat, find a solution to make things easier, organize yourself. Be an example for the future generations, show them that you don’t need to cheat to get good grades, to become successful. Because at the end of the day, cheating is just a choice.

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