Cheating Is More Acceptable And Easier With Technology Essay examples

Cheating Is More Acceptable And Easier With Technology Essay examples

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Donald Mccabe, who you will hear about later in this essay, did a study about cheating and found some astonishing, and quite frankly disheartening, results. He did a survey of 24,000 high school students over seventy high schools and found that sixty four percent of students admitted to cheating on a test, fifty eight percent admitted to plagiarism, and ninety five percent admitted to cheating in some form, whether copying homework, on a test, or plagiarizing.
Cheating is easier as we make advancement in technology and cheating is more prominent when kids value the grades they get over the education they get. Put those things together and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. As technology increases it makes it easier and more tempting for students to cheat in class. Over the years cheating has become relatively more acceptable and easier with technology. Jeffery A. Roberts and David M. Wasieleski at Duquesne University found that the more online tools colleges students were allowed to use to complete an assignment, the more likely they were to copy the work of others(Roberts and Wasieleski.) Mr. Wasieleski, an associate professor of management says, “ Students are surprisingly unclear about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating(Wasieleski).”
This faces us with two problems. The first one being that cheating is easier with the more technology we have and students are unclear on what is cheating and what isn’t cheating. Both the schools and parents need to help enforce. The schools need to make sure the students know what is cheating and what is just using resources. Parents need to teach there kids that cheating is wrong and unethical and even if you can get it away with it because of todays technology that doesn’t ma...

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... instead of getting good grades in a class. If they are always cheating on tests and papers instead of actually solving the problem themselves they will never know how to solve a problem in real life when they can’t cheat or look up the answer. Cheating in itself is a huge problem but for our society it is really more about the principal of the matter that we cant solve problems by ourselves.
As time goes on and technology increases it s virtually impossible to stop student from cheating if they want to cheat. Schools and parents need to not prevent children from cheating, because it can’t be done, but make it so they don’t want to cheat. That is why we need to install in the students head that intelligence is more important than grades. Once we as a society can do that then we will be able to stop the huge cheating epidemic we have in our school systems right now.

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