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Cheating is when a student takes someone else 's work or ideas and claims that it is theirs. Many students have cheated at some point in their life. One study shows that "73 percent of all test takers, including prospective graduate students and teachers agree that most students do cheat at some point. 86 percent of high school students agreed" (Jaffe). Students cheat for reasons such as too much homework, the pressure they receive, to help out a friend, opportunity, and laziness.
One reason students cheat is that others cheat and get away with it. Students think that because other students cheat and receive the same grade as they received when they worked hard, then they should be allowed to cheat too. Someone should not be allowed to not complete the work and receive an A when another student studied for an hour just to receive a B. The student who did not cheat may cheat in the future because they saw another student get away with cheating. According to one survey, 80 percent of the best students admitted to cheating (Jaffe). Half of those students said cheating was not a big problem and did not receive punishment (Jaffe). When students see that there are not many consequences for cheating, then they will be encouraged to cheat. The consequence a student might receive is a zero. A student who was interviewed said that the current rules they have about cheating are not strict, and give them the opportunity to cheat (“Research About Cheating”). Consequences of cheating could be raised to discourage student cheating.
One reason students cheat is because there is too much homework, or there is not enough time to do all of their homework. Students have jobs after school and do not have enough time to complete the homework or study ...

... middle of paper ...

...tudents will not do their work if they know they can rely on another student or the Internet to give them the answers (“Research About Cheating”). Since cheating is so easy, it has made students become lazy and careless (“Research About Cheating”). A student will cheat on the work if they can take shortcuts.
The causes of student cheating are too much work load, not understanding the material, the pressure they receive, helping out a friend, opportunity, and laziness. Cheating is taking another 's ideas without their permission. Cheating is a big problem in our society, and a shocking number of students have admitted to cheating at some point during their academic career. Student cheating can be prevented, and students are the reason to blame for their own cheating. If students would take responsibility for their actions, then they could prevent their own cheating.

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