Essay on Chasing Fate, A Short Story First Draft

Essay on Chasing Fate, A Short Story First Draft

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My CWP utilizes the elements of American Romanticism by having the main character, Drew, go on a journey through nature. All he uses is his intuition and he finds himself in the wilderness. The theme to this story is fate will find you wherever you are. The tone is.
It started like any other day. He woke up once again to the same house, in the same town. What was different about this town was that you never know when this would be your last day. Today he woke up knowing that he was going to make a difference. He got out of bed and grabbed his backpack. He looked at his family one last time, for he knew it would be the last. He walked to the door quietly and left. That is when his adventure began.
For days he traveled across the land in search of something. Trying to find what his calling was, into nature he wondered. For he had dreams about this moment. The moment when he would find himself. The moment he would save everyone. He just had to look for it. Once he finds it, life, as he knew it would be changed forever. All he had was food and intuition. That’s all he needed, that’s what guided him on his journey through nature to whatever location that was his destiny. His journey to find himself and to save the world. All he had to do was look hard enough, because what he was looking for was right under his nose the whole time.
The first place his journey took him, was about thirty miles north of his town. He walked into a tavern and the doors slammed behind him. He slowly stopped when a large hand grabbed his shoulder.
A deep voices echoes from behind, “You aren’t from around here are you?”
“No, I am not. My name is Drew. I live about thirty miles south of here. I…”
“We really don’t care boy”, the deep voice said as...

... middle of paper ...

...and to be courageous in the face of danger. His world slowly began to change as he realized what he had been missing. He grabbed his things and ran to Anne, who was a few miles away.
“Anne”, he yelled, “I know what you’re missing”. He grabbed her arm. “You need happiness, and love from your family. You need to be courageous in the face of danger”
“I can’t be loved my family is dead, I can’t be happy for there is nothing to be happy about, and I can’t be courageous for there is always something to be scared about”, Anne said as she continued walking.
“Than all you need is me”, Drew said this as he grabbed her arm, “All you need is me”.
They then continued the journey so Anne could find herself to be able to know her purpose. They traveled for years in search for something. Only to find out that what had been missing from her life was for someone to love her.

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