Chase Jarvis : A Modern Photographer Essay

Chase Jarvis : A Modern Photographer Essay

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Chase Jarvis is a famous modern photographer born in Seattle, Washington. His parents had no ties to photography, one being a Police officer and the other working in a biotech company. Chase had no early intentions of being a photographer. He got his degree in Physiology at the San Diego State University. He was admitted to the University under a soccer scholarship. Chase was one week away from graduation when his Grandfather passed away and left him all his photography gear, and when he took a trip to Europe his love for photography took off (“Biography”) .
In 1994 Chase moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he started to do sports photography more specifically in snowboarding and skiing. After Chase realized how much money he could be making in photography, he stopped waiting tables and sold some photos to the company REI and opened shop from there. He has shot photos for Volvo, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Columbia Sportswear, REI, Honda, Subaru, Polaroid, Lady Gaga, and Red Bull (“Biography”).
Chase Jarvis is in my opinion one of the best modern day photographers and I believe this because he has a book that is called “The Best Camera Is The One That 's With You”(Chase Jarvis) meaning no matter if you have an iphone camera or a polaroid you can make the best of it and get a great shot and the picture or idea comes from within, not the gear. Chase proves his point teaming up with a amature and gives him a cheap camera to replicate a photo and it works out great. Another great quote is “Shoot what you love”(Chase Jarvis). He says that because if you shoot what you love, the odds that you will put your heart into the shots are higher than if you shoot something that you don 't love or don 't want to shoot.
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...t yellow at all from the reflection of the sun. I don 't like how high the contrast was raised, you can tell because the shadow of the surfer is very dark, to a point where you can not see anything under. The same goes for the middle right side of the picture which is too dark, for what may be reflections of corral. The photo gives of a very sporty feeling and a California feel. The corral at the bottom of the photo is very unclear and morfes with the ground making it look dirty. The composition of the photo is good overall and the rule of thirds were not exactly followed but I think it was a good time to break it. The surfer is too much to the right which could have been fixed by cropping out the left side a little. If the F stop was put higher and the shutter speed was dropped a tad, the waves would look more prominent when they fall, making it look more dangerous.

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