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Charlotte Wore The Same Dress Essay

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Charlotte wore the same dress Sunday, Delmar the same suit. When they arrived at church, they were both surprised to see the doors still locked. Everyone was gossiping and complaining about what was going on, but Dovie Watkin said she had no idea.
Charlotte stared at Dovie, not fooled at all. Yesterday, the woman had been at her house, far earlier than ever before. The woman had come on the silly pretense of bringing her some warm bread and jam. Charlotte wondered at what horrible hour Dovie woke to make the bread, but she brewed coffee, sat and listened to the woman go over the events of the last two days as though she hadn’t been there and didn’t know what had happened at all of them.
When Delmar knocked on her door, with the pretense of giving her another Dulcimer lesson, he was invited inside to share the bread. She smiled, just remembering the horrified look on his face when he’d seen Dovie seated at her desk.
When Delmar had sat on the rumpled bed, opening Charlotte’s Dulcimer for her lesson, Dovie had become agitated and insisted they move back to her kitchen for the lessons. After one song, the Reverend walked into the kitchen to pour himself some coffee. He asked if Delmar had his carpentry tools with him this trip.
Delmar said he had the special ones he used to make his instruments, and some basic tools as well.
The Reverend then came up with the amazing idea that they should visit people this Christmas day to see if they had any things they needed repaired. At their stares, he had bumbled on, explaining that many of his flock were too poor or untrained to make such repairs on their own.
Charlotte had volunteered as well, but Dovie had insisted that she needed her there to go through the church barrel. She needed to see...

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... meets again and fires you for inappropriate conduct.”
Charlotte turned to stare at the bossy woman who was still hollering. “I was married the ten years I taught school. Jasper and Davis finally got the others to see sense.”
Charlotte stepped back from him, tilted her head coyly and said. “I haven’t been properly asked.”
Delmar grimaced, but sank on one knee on the muddy ground, “Charlotte, will you marry me, and teach me all the days of your life.”
“Yes, Delmar I will.” She said as she tugged him to his feet. Together they walked through the front doors and didn’t stop before they were standing in front of the Reverend Watkins.
As soon as the words were spoken before God, the preacher, and the congregation, Charlotte leaned in to kiss the man she loved.
Davis Daniel shouted from the back of the congregation. “Dagnabbit, he done hit her with that mistletoe again.”

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