Essay `` Charlotte Temple `` By Susanna Rowson

Essay `` Charlotte Temple `` By Susanna Rowson

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Many people see Susanna Rowson’s book, “Charlotte Temple”, as a comment on the need for youth to listen to their elders. However, the theme is far more complicated than this as it shows that the advice itself is flawed. As the characters travel from England to America, the inherent problems of the advice appears. It is here that Montraville father’s advice which is assuming similar experiences leads to lifelong misery. Charlotte the most obvious proof that ignoring your parents advice leads to trouble suffer far greater consequences because of the reversibility of that very same advice. Even the readers experience the dangers of advice as the author cautions the mothers reading the novel that their views and consequently advice are not enough because of the inherent problem of advice not being law. Montraville’s, Charlotte’s, and reader’s stories show that it is not enough to follow parental advice if the advice is misguided, founded in untrue expectations, creating more trouble and misery for the youths.
To beginning, I must first define advice. Advice is any guidance given with the goal of alternating a perceived way of thinking in the hopes of dissuading future actions. Advice can be seen in mentalities, directions, or actions.
For Montraville, his father’s advice ends up harming the child because he assumes their experiences and understandings are the same. When the father says, “tone thing…to caution you against…young men frequently rush into matrimonial engagements, and…draw many a deserving woman into scenes of poverty…[if you find a wealthy woman you may merry her] if, on the country, [you are with a poor girl]…I will leave you”, there is a focus on “union” (40). The father thought that pursuing a romantic relati...

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...w “foolish” the action actually is (28). Because seeing what happens and apply it to their own situations and understanding allows them to avoid these disasters, the book and stories are a way to give better advice. It comes down to advice showing possibility not garneting certainty.
Through Montraville’s, Charlotte’s, and reader’s stories one can see the negative impact prenatal advice can have when it is founded in misconceptions. The author uses these key moments of guidance to expand on the theme of prenatal guidance showing parents and children the problems advice can make and how to avoid or at least overcome these problems. Together the reveling of danger and circumstances through stories, allows the problem to be overcome. It is embracing interpretation. The author is showing us that advice is only as good as it allows individuals to help themselves.

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