Charlie 's Life With No Hope Essay

Charlie 's Life With No Hope Essay

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Charlie demonstrates a socially awkward freshman in high school who has always been a wallflower. Soon into his first year of high school, he meets two friends, Sam and Patrick who teach him how to live outside his comfort zone. What nobody knows about Charlie is that he was molested by his Aunt Helen. This caused a major mental damage that lasted throughout Charlie’s life. Thankfully, Patrick and Sam were always there to support Charlie in times that Charlie felt so alone in life with no hope. The movie demonstrates throughout Charlie’s first year in high school that true friends will always be there for one another, that child abuse can cause many mental illnesses, and that family is the number one support system.

One message in the movie is that true friends will always be there to help. Although Patrick and Charlie weren’t speaking due to an argument, Charlie came to the rescue to help Patrick when Brad and his friends started beating up Patrick in the cafeteria. From these events, viewers realize that even though friends get in arguments and may not speak to each other for a while, they will always have each other’s backs. Similarly, movie critic Stephen Chbosky, argues that “these experiences all contribute to his evolving conception of friendship”. At the end of the movie, Patrick and Sam graduate from high school, and Charlie is left by himself to start his sophomore year of high school. Sam and Patrick move away to start their futures, but one night they come to surprise Charlie and hang out with him. Even though friends move away and start their own lives, true friends always find a way to come back and to not let their friendship die. Friends come and go throughout life, but it’s the true friends that find a way t...

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...ut life. However, family will never leave no matter what the circumstances are. Charlie’s siblings showed that even though they fight and argue with each other, they will always be there to support each other.
The movie demonstrates throughout Charlie’s first year in high school that true friends will always be there for one another, that child abuse can cause many mental illnesses, and that family is the number one support system. High school is a time for growing as a person and figuring out what life is all about. Life is not always happy, and everyone always has issues they have to deal with. The Perks of Being A Wallflower demonstrates that everyone goes through life events and that not everything is going to turn out great. People come from dark pasts, and it’s their choice on how to handle certain obstacles to help shape them as the person they aspire to be.

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