Essay on Charlie Lustman, a Survivor of Osteosarcoma, Helps Others

Essay on Charlie Lustman, a Survivor of Osteosarcoma, Helps Others

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Osteosarcoma is a life- threatening disease but many survivors, like Charlie Lustman use their experience to help others. Charlie Lustman created a 13- song album, Made Me Nuclear, explaining his cancer experience and travels the country sharing his inspirational message. In 2006, an out of the ordinary bump on his jaw was biopsied and determined to be osteosarcoma. He received two major surgeries and chemotherapy. Even without 75% of his jaw, Charlie stayed uplifted and positive. He brings his positivity and inspirations to hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and schools. (Broderick) Survivors go on to encourage and help other through their cancer experiences and any difficulties they may face.
Osteosarcoma is a malignant cancer of the bone. This tends to be in the extremities of the human body. It tends to occur in the shin, thigh, and upper arm, usually large bones with very fast growth rates. But it can occur in any bone. This type of cancer is most common in teenagers and people over 60. ("Osteosarcoma") In teens with cancer, about 5% is osteosarcoma. ("Osteosarcoma" Teens Living with Cancer.) It is more common in males than females. (“Disease Information”) In males it usually affects people between the ages of 15-19. And in girls, it is usually ages 10-14. Most teens effected are taller compared to the average. ("Osteosarcoma" Teens Living with Cancer.) Growth spurts can onset this cancer so it is very rare in children less than 5 years of age. (“Disease Information”) It usually is never expressed in children before puberty. ("Osteosarcoma" Teens Living with Cancer.) There are more incidences of this in black children than in white children. (“Disease Information”) This could be as a result of the genetic factors. This ...

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... occurs in the shin, thigh, and upper arm, but not explicitly. This can be localized, meaning in one place on the body, or metastic, having spread to other parts. This cancer is more common in male teens than any others. For the greatest part, teens suffering from osteoarcoma do recover. The survival rate for this cancer, if localized, is 70-75%. ("Osteosarcoma" Teens Living with Cancer.) If this cancer spreads, it is customarily to the lungs of the patient. X-rays are generally the first diagnostic test. Biopsies are performed to make the final and certain diagnosis. This disease’s treatments include chemotherapy, and surgery, ordinarily together. Radiation, though uncommon, can be used as a treatment for osteosarcoma. After treatments, it is recommended the patient receives follow up care to monitor the cancer in case it returns or any side effects are present.

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