Essay about Charlie As A Good Friend

Essay about Charlie As A Good Friend

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Charlie decides to let the people around him hurt themselves, even when they’re taking advantage of Charlie, and Charlie lets them. Charlie proves this in multiple situations such as when his friend, Patrick, goes through a rough breakup and uses Charlie as a way to forget about his pain. Sam even tells Charlie, “It’s like how you can come to Patrick’s rescue and hurt two guys that are trying to hurt him, but what about when Patrick is hurting himself? Like when you guys went to that park? Or when he was kissing you? Did you want him to kiss you?” (201). Patrick hangs out with Charlie a lot when Patrick was still depressed about his recent breakup and kisses Charlie a few times, and Charlie lets him do it even though he doesn’t like it thinking that he’s just being a good friend. Charlie’s ignorance towards standing up to his real problems allow him to continue to be constantly surrounded by pain and abuse in situations where he could’ve done something but chooses not to.
Scenes of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse occur repetitively throughout the novel. The story starts off with Charlie mourning his friend who commits suicide and continues with more instances in the story where abuse takes place: Charlie witnessed a girl being raped at a party in his house a few years ago, Charlie says his grandfather hit Aunt Helen and his mother when they were younger, Charlie’s friend Sam was sexually touched by her father’s friend, Charlie’s sister becomes pregnant and her boyfriend denies that it’s his and breaks up with her, Brad’s father catches Brad kissing a boy, Patrick, and beats him up, Brad’s friend’s start a fight with Patrick in the cafeteria, and Charlie keeps feeling more and more depressed about the death of his Aunt Hele...

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... death was all his fault and that it was probably better that he had never been born. He then finds out that she was the reason why Charlie is as emotionally unstable as he is because she had abused him all throughout his childhood. But despite knowing all these things, Charlie finds it in his heart to forgive what she did to him and sympathizes with the fact that she was abused too, and the person who abused her and so on. This is very much a religiously charitable moment because Charlie has decided to forgive a person who had brought the most hardships to his life instead of choosing to be angry and dwell about what had happened to him. Charlie moves on and decides that he wants to live his life and it’s evident because he stops writing his letters. Charlie’s character and attitude throughout the novel is what I believe makes this a story sentimental to any reader.

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