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The Charleston County School System Essays

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The Charleston County School system is a microcosm of different approaches to Kindergarten through 12th grade education. Charleston County has one central school district that governs over the entire county, which includes rural areas such as Johns Island and more metropolitan regions such as Downtown Charleston and the Peninsula area. Different areas call for different approaches to education as different socioeconomic groups favor different methods of teaching. Helping to strengthen urban schools is something that Meeting Street Schools have been doing in South Carolina for since 2008. They have been working to provide a private school quality education for student in inner cities who do not have the means to receive a quality progressive education. Ben Navarro, Founder of Meeting Street Schools saw a need in the Charleston community and decided that something needed to be done about it. Mr. Navarro is a successful financier that has financial firms in both New York City and Charleston, South Carolina. Being such a successful businessman, he did what most wealthy families do and sent their children to private school. Working in both two urban settings, he saw the disparities that are associated with an urban environment. Mr. Navarro soon realized that the schools that his children were attending were mostly WASPs and many of the families could be categorized in as upper-middle class or higher. The lack of diversity in his children’s schools got him thinking about the other children in the Charleston area. The notion that a families’ financial standing could determine what kind of education that child got disturbed Mr. Navarro. That just because his family was wealthy that they would get a higher quality education while a child b...

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...ct a paycheck, take summer vacation and leave their “incarceration” in the American education system debt free. To rectify this situation the entire culture surrounding education has to be changed. How that would look like are teachers that are placed in the same professional category as lawyers and doctors. In reality, an educator has as much effect on a student’s life as a physician if not more in that they teach the student everything they know about the world around them. If the student’s basic understanding of the world fails then the students are destined to fail themselves. Hiring teachers who are passionate about their work and have shown to be moldable would immensely increase the quality of the education that our students are getting and specifically our underprivileged urban youth, which are consistently trapped with the sub-par educators at a higher rate.

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