Essay on Charles Lindbergh Played A Significant Role During The World War II Era

Essay on Charles Lindbergh Played A Significant Role During The World War II Era

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Charles Lindbergh played a significant role during the World War II era by acting as an example of a neutral countries changing mindsets. America of the 1930 's had believed in isolationism and neutrality. Dealing with the depression on the home front was more important to the people than some foreign threat affecting Europe. For many Americans, the imminent war and atrocities that would soon affect European countries seemed inconceivable. But the events of the war would soon push and pull them further away from their isolationist views and start a change within the country.

Following the scandal involving the kidnapping and subsequent death of his child, Lindbergh had once again been shoved into the American limelight. During the thirties his family escaped to Europe in secrecy, running from a media and public that made it hard for them to breathe. It was during this time that he worked with the French scientist Alexis Carrel. Carrel housed many ideas that were very similar to the Nazi Party’s idealisms, such as eliminating anyone who weakened the society 's foundation. Visiting Germany during the Summer Olympic games, Charles was to report back to America on the German’s aviation program. He was able to tour factories and airfields, and him and his wife attended the Olympics as guests of the head of the German air force. He soon became enamored, visiting Germany twice during the next two years, marveling at their military and their people. He thought that no other power in Europe would be able to confront Germany if it came to war.

In 1938, the Lindberghs planned to move to Berlin. It was that year that he was presented a Service Cross of the German Eagle. For him, it was just another accolade, the same as all the others he...

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...g affected by the war. Our country was becoming more and more of a world power, and would eventually leave the aftermath of the war more powerful and influential than before. Charles Lindbergh displays two sides of the coin for the American people, he embodies a great deal of the isolationist viewpoints, but also shows a great deal of patriotism for the United States. Despite admiring Germany, having questionable views regarding Germany, and being rumored to be a Nazi Sympathizer, he is more than ready to fight for his country in a war he vehemently objected to. Like Lindbergh, America was changing. The United States in the thirties was one of neutrality, but would soon show through its actions in the War that the country was one to be reckoned with. The people of America were becoming more united under the growing definition of what it meant to be an American.

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