Charles Dickens 's ' Oliver Twist ' Essay

Charles Dickens 's ' Oliver Twist ' Essay

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Famed author Charles Dickens knew exactly what he was writing about when he wrote his second novel titled Oliver Twist. Dickens connected events from his horrific childhood to the book itself. This time in history also was a key element in his famous work. Although this story was written well over one hundred and fifty years ago, it continues to make people see life from a different perspective.
Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England in the year 1812 to a fairly large family. He was the second of eight children in a family that dealt with many financial issues (Info). In order to reduce living expenses, his father, John, a clerk in a payroll office for the navy, moved the family to a smaller house when Charles was only four months old (Info.). With both parents struggling to take care of their family, Charles’ caretaker Mary was his first inspiration as she would tell stories at bedtime every night (Info.). Although not wealthy, Charles had dreams of growing up to be a fine a gentleman and receive a good education (Info.). It was quite the surprise that John and his wife Elizabeth, with a little amount of money, had even a very little set aside to send any of their children to an academy or university (Info). Since Charles was the least likely of his seven siblings to be able to pursue further education, his parents instead chose to send his sister Fanny to school, as she had a talent for music (Info.). However, Charles was still determined to find a way to pursue further education. Unfortunately, when Dickens was only twelve years old, his father was arrested for failure to pay debt (Info.). Charles was then sent to work in a blacking (shoe-polish) factory. It was then that he met Bob Fagin, who he later u...

... middle of paper ... them while helping them to maintain their dignity. This is probably one of the reasons that Dickens’ work is still relevant today.
More than one hundred and fifty years later, people can still make an important connection to Dickens’ eye-opening message. On some level everyone is guilty of taking for granted their secure lifestyle and how very good their life actually is. Most of us don 't go to bed hungry or on the street. Some also might not realize that what they have is a gift, until what they have is completely gone. Whatever your station in life, it 's important to understand that we have a shared responsibility to help our brothers and sisters around the world. Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist is an important life lesson to be learned that no matter where you live, poverty is around us and it 's up to us all to do whatever we can to help.

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