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Charles Dickens the British Author of the Southwestern English town of Land port in Port Sea was a very famous and well known author during his time. As an author he traveled to many cities. During his travels he had many children. Some of his books include: Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. The book, Oliver Twist, was about a boy who grew up during hard times as an orphan struggling trying to find his way through life. Also, what most people do not know is that the movie Oliver and Company has relations to the book Oliver Twist. The plot of the movie centers on a cat, which is without a home, looking for a family to live with and call home. The cat in the movie spends a little of his life living with dogs, which becomes his closet family.
Charles Dickens was on February 7, 1812, born to John and Elizabeth Barrow Dickens. He was the 2nd oldest child of eight children. His father John Dickens was a clerk in Navy Pay-office and his mother Elizabeth Dickens was a well appealing woman that was very educated. (Swisher 13) As Charles was growing up, his mother taught him to read. His father saw him as a future genius and would have him sit in a tall chair and tell stories to his co-workers at the office.
In 1814 his father John was temporarily sent to the London office to work as a clerk. During this time, as a child Dickens attended the school of Williams Giles. Growing up he had many responsibilities that included attending school, college, and maintaining a professional job at the same time. His parent’s income started slowing down. Charles’s father decided to move and settled his family in a town called Camden in 1822 to accommodate their bare minimum finances. The town was the poo...

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... that demonstrated Charles’ intense passion to showcase realism in his writings of life’s experiences. After the writings of A Tale of Two Cities, he also wrote, Great Expectations in 186I, over which there feel sorry for yourself the sad sense of the of the Lower Thames. He also wrote Our Mutual Friend in 1864, in which the seep and dirt of Rotherhithe, its boatmen and loafers, are made to pass through the book with swelling consequence.
Charles Dickens writings made him very famous. He used his colorful life experience to express emotional plots in his writings. The British Author’s success through his writings helped him to overcome his own personal tragedies. Charles faced many tough obstacles, but always over came them, no matter how rocky the road was. Today Charles is still not forgotten as his famous books live on forever for many generations to read.

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