Essay on Charles Dickens ' A Christmas Carol

Essay on Charles Dickens ' A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens Historic A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens wrote the novel A Christmas Carol because he believed that he can have an influence on the situation in England in the 19th century(Bio). He included the character’s greed and want that are a part of Scrooge during his visits with the Ghosts of Christmas.
Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England. He was the second of eight children, and his father, John drove them into poverty. John was sent to prison for debt in 1824 when Dickens was twelve years of age. Dickens worked in an unsanitary boot-blacking factory to provide money to his family, leaving school entirely. Although he started earning a fair amount of money at his factory job, he strived for educational opportunities(Bio). After trying to go to school again at the age of fifteen at the Wellington House Academy, he worked in an office in 1827.
In 1836 Dickens wrote his first book titled Sketches by Boz. He was renowned in the early stages of his writing career for his skill in shorthanding(Diane 9). Taking care on costs, he published in newspapers so his writings could afforded by every audience(Gevatheatre). Shortly after he married a woman named Catherine Hogarta, who was attracted to his success(Bio). A year later he published through Bentleyś Miscellany the book Oliver Twist, a story that related to how he felt as a child in poverty(Bio). It was successful, and after the release of Oliver Twist, it looked like Dickens life would become a success story instead of one filled with sorrow. Over the next few years he did not find the same success(Bio).
Before the anniversary of his hire, Dickens began freelance reporting for two major London newspapers(Bio). His book David Copperfield...

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...e take care of him as a child and he went his whole life with a feeling of abandonment(Gevatheatre). Dickens used realism in his novel to inspire change in the way that the wealthy treat the impoverished families and children, particularly by making the child Tiny Tim’s life rest in the hands of Scrooge in The Christmas Carol (Bio).
Charles Dickens told in The Christmas Carol a story of a wealthy man named Scrooge, who struggled with greed and poverty his whole life. The novel told of how he lost his wife because of this struggle and showed him realising his fate as well as the others around him if he did not act. In The Christmas Carol Scrooge represents the majority of the wealthy people in England during the 19th century. Scrooge’s turnaround and sudden positive influence foreshadows that a bright future could take place if the Wealthy made a change(SparkNotes).

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