The Charles De Gualle Airport in Paris, France Essays

The Charles De Gualle Airport in Paris, France Essays

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On May 23, 2004, the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, whisked travelers away to their destinations and received tens of thousands more. People were busily walking to and from their appointed terminals, paying little attention to the vast ceilings protecting them from the elements; the cold, rushing wind outside, threatening to send chills down a passenger’s spine along with the accompanying noise of the departure and return of planes at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The accumulation of noise in the airport, as well as the visual distractions surrounding each individual, proved to be the distraction of 20,00 people as dust floated down from the ceiling of Terminal 2E. No one expected the roof to collapse that morning at 7:00 a.m.
The Charles de Gaulle Airport is Europe’s second largest Airport and has three terminals: Terminal one caters to international travelers; Terminal Two caters to Air France and European Airlines, and Terminal Three caters to charter flights. As one of the largest Airports in the world, it isn’t surprising that the Airport needed another terminal to cater to the increase in flight traffic which has a growing rate of 11.4% at CDG. According to John Lichfield from The Independent, “terminal 2E was part of a projected new, four terminal hubs for Air France and its partner airlines, intended to lift CDG airport above Heathraw and Frankfurt as the premier airport in Europe (Lichfield, The Independent).” Upon the completion of the massive 650m structure, their terminal was “hailed as a masterpiece (Lichfield).” After the collapse 11 months later, engineers were left baffled, but after prolonged investigation, engineers agreed on the physical cause of the collapse. The structure was under physical strain. ...

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... study; it was a trickledown effect. The unwillingness of the architect to admit fault led to the collapse of another terminal; the misunderstanding and egotism of a supervisor or construction worker who were too stubborn or proud to ask questions may have led to the collapse of this terminal, if not from a design flaw. Their obstinacy, fear, and lethargy in the face of danger lead to the death of 4 innocent lives. They were lucky. The terminal was 650m long an only a 30m section of the terminal collapsed. On any given day, 20,000 flyers pass through this terminal. Hundreds of lives could have been stolen due to the obstinate nature of everyone involved in the process. The head architects, Andreu, the teams, ADP an ADPi were not new to the scene; therefore I cannot attribute mistakes based on inexperience. I contribute mistakes based on egotism and miscommunication.

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