Essay on Charles Darwin 's Evolutionary Theory

Essay on Charles Darwin 's Evolutionary Theory

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Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who chose a path in evolutionary theory to prove that all species descend from a lower life form. The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, was the second book written about evolutionary theory, this book followed his previous work, On the Origin of Species (“The Descent o Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex”). During exploration trips to the Galapagos Islands, Darwin was able to pick up on the many characterizes of finches. This, along with his strong knowledge of geology and biology, allowed him to form his evolutionary theory. The Descent of Man is a book all about evolution and sexual selection. This allows for strong traits to be passed from the partners to the offspring. Simply put this allows for the strong to survive and the weak to die off. In The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, Charles Darwin, was able to form his theory of evolution by his observations. This is a theory that has been able to receive support with advances in the field of science.
Charles Darwin who was the fifth of six born to a wealthy doctor and financier in 1809 was a university educated man, best known for being a naturalist and developing the theory of evolution. Darwin originally attended university to be a doctor before neglecting his studies. He eventually earned a bachelor’s of art. Darwin who was married to Emma Darwin also had ten children. The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex was a book published in 1871. All of Darwin’s works were written in English, but they were translated into several other languages such as Dutch, Danish, French, German, Russian and Italian (“Darwin Online: The Descent of Man”). With Darwin being such an educated man his target au...

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...the time Darwin wrote about evolution to now the global society has come a long way. From nations being run by churches and religious views were the only views that were truth. Darwin was able to open the eyes of people, maybe not to just accept his opinions, but to research and form your own. Though I’m not a big religious person I do have some faith and I still believe in a higher being and meaning to life. I don’t argue that we didn’t come from a lower life form, but I also don’t believe that’s the only thing that shapes who we are. Many people have been and will continue to be influenced by Charles Darwin and I think that’s great, it means that folks are educating themselves to an extent. All of Charles Darwin’s works will continue to be critiqued and over time we might finally have complete scientific evidence to prove or disprove the opinions of Charles Darwin.

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