Charles Darwin in the 19th Century Essay

Charles Darwin in the 19th Century Essay

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During the Victorian Era many discoveries and conquests conveyed a promising future for the British Empire. In 1859 British scientist Charles Darwin published one of the most important and controversial books of all time widely known as the On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection. It became one of the greatest accomplishments of science during the 19th century. The work of Darwin revolutionized natural science and biology and influenced other scientific areas as well. Evolution began to stretch beyond science and was accounted for the raise of a new conflict with religion, causing doubt among common people and anger between scholars and the clergy. Another movement late in the Victorian era emerged because of Darwin’s theory known as social Darwinism. The theory was negatively used by political moguls to promote social discrimination and inequality in England and across the world.
In 1831 Charles Darwin began his voyage in the British vessel the HMS Beagle and by the end of his journey Darwin managed to answer one of the most relevant questions of humanity. When his work was published in 1859 the bases of the scientific world were shaken. The publication of the On the Origin of Species not only had a profound effect on scientific thought but also in several educational areas. His theory of evolution which states that humans evolved from the ape and that all the diversity of life arouse from a similar ancestor, and the theory of natural selection were the strongest and most adaptable of species would tend to be preserved became the foundation of modern molecular, biochemical and biological sciences. Many scientists believed that “Darwin had accomplished what Galileo and Newton accomplished for mechanics and physic...

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...ety that the British society was undergoing in the 19th century.
On the Origin Species by Charles Darwin was the one of the most overwhelming events for science that changed the world. Not only did it marked the evolution of scientific reasoning and opened the door for further discoveries but conveyed a new purpose to the friction between religious and scientific beliefs. Transforming man and society of the 19th century Darwin’s impact is extremely relevant and evident in the progress the world in the past centuries. Believed by scholars as one of the greatest contributions of Victorian times and most definitely to the world we are in today.

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