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Charles Darwin And Karl Marx Essay

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The 19th century was full of revolutionary individuals seeking a higher knowledge and understanding of the way life and society operated. Two such individuals were Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. Each being masters of their own trade, Darwin was a scientist interested in the topics of natural history and the origins of species; while Marx was a philosopher who explored sociology, political history, and economic history. Over time, Darwin eventually became universally recognized as the father of the idea for natural selection and evolution, explaining these theories in a novel entitled The Origin of Species. Marx also became universally recognized for coining the term Marxism, a form of communism that centers on the idea of a utopian society with no social classes. Although these individuals focus on two separate fields of study, Darwin and Marx share a similar theme in helping revolutionize the way society works and thinks by sharing their studies with the world. However, their methods in which they came to develop their different claims, and their certainty of their work differ greatly. Darwin exhibited more non-teleological and philosophical oriented approach with his findings, leaving some gaps along the way; while Marx exhibited a more decisive and calculated approach, using the study of sociology, economics, and history in his efforts to help confirm his assumptions and spread Marxian communism throughout the world.
When Darwin introduced his theory to the world through the publication of the Origin of Species, he was calling for an all out war with societal norms of the time. The religious community which held strong ties with the British government and everyday individual’s lives heavily denounced his work and idea. Like Dar...

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...italistic society in which economic and social classes are present.
Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are considered to be two of the most individuals of their time period. Both shared similarities relating to fathering revolutionary ideas that would change the way society would think forever. However, their combined works touched each end of the theological spectrum. Darwin’s refusal of predictable design in nature expressed an overarching theme of randomness which could not be absolutely proved due to a lack of research and scientific fact. On the other side of the fence, Marx’s political determinism expressed certainty in his research, as he used economic, sociological, and historical backing to help solidify his points. However, neither theory has been adopted as a whole be society yet, and only time will tell which theory can be turned into an absolute reality.

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